This Underrated Beach On One Of The Great Lakes Looks Exactly Like A Tropical Paradise

If you're not lucky enough to live somewhere where the sun always shines and the beach is right in your backyard, you may long to visit such a place. Maybe you want to escape to the tropics but can't quite afford a plane ticket there, or maybe you don't have enough vacation days. Whatever the case, you're craving beach time but don't have access to it. If you're in a town in the Great Lakes region, somewhere nearby, or you simply plan to visit there one day, you can find a beach that unexpectedly mirrors those of the Caribbean. The unlikely coastline is Sauble Beach in Ontario, Canada.

Sauble Beach is on the shores of the massive Lake Huron. Here, you'll find beautiful blue waters, fascinating rock formations, and soft sand. The scenery will make you feel like you're on the islands rather than up in Canada. So next time you're hoping to have a day at the beach, you can plan a trip up north to the lovely Sauble Beach.

Relax or adventure at Sauble Beach

Sauble Beach is a humble yet fun place to be. If you come on a hot day, you'll feel like you've ventured to the Caribbean rather than Canada. If your primary purpose is a lazy and enjoyable day on the sand, you're in the perfect place. Lay out on your towel and sunbathe; venture into the water for a swim; or have a picnic. If you want something that goes beyond a simple day at the beach, you have a handful of fun activities nearby.

Golfers, you're in luck. You can visit Pinewoods Golf Course at Sauble Beach for a day on the green. Prices are reasonable at $23.01 for nine holes and $39.80 for 18 — junior discounts are available for youth 16 and younger. If traditional golf isn't for you, there's mini golf at Putterama Mini Golf. If it's hot and you need to cool off, you can head inside at Giggles Arcade and spend time playing some of the 50-plus games.

For those looking for adventure, you can go hiking. The trail up to Lion's Head Lookout rewards you with beautiful, expansive views of the dazzling blue water and green trees dotting the coast. There's also a ropes course, climbing wall, jump experience, and zip coaster at Ascent Aerial Park for those looking to get their heart pumping.

Enjoy the town of Sauble Beach

While Sauble Beach isn't quite the Caribbean, this underrated Canadian beach still provides a backdrop that's surprisingly similar. You can enjoy the activities above as well as enjoy the relaxed pace of the town. Stop in a local boutique like Grit & Grace, or visit a local restaurant and grab a drink and some food. The Wellness Refinery has almost five stars on Google and has a healthy and wholesome menu offering foods like waffles and grain bowls, and exciting drinks like goddess lattes and pina colada smoothies. Overall, the town is pleasant and the beach is beautiful.

You can also stay overnight if you'd like, as there are a number of beach cottages like O'Leary's Beach Retreat Cottages. Otherwise, you can make your visit a fun-filled day trip. Sauble Beach is a short, three-hour drive from Toronto, making it the ideal spot for those looking to escape city life for a short while. Connect with nature, yourself, and your friends and family at this small-town beach with views that'll make you feel as though you're a lot closer to the equator.