Plan A Canadian Beach Vacation To This Underrated Destination

When most people think about the culture and terrain in Canada, laid-back, island life doesn't usually come to mind. You might think of skiing or hiking through mountains, but not lounging on sandy shores. However, Canada is home to an incredible selection of beaches. One of its most stunning is South Dune Beach in the province of Quebec. This lovely beach offers visitors the chance to enjoy 13 miles of fine, snow-white sand and pristine, azure waters.

This beach sits on House Harbour Island, also known as Île du Havre aux Maisons. House Harbor Island is one of the 12 Magdalen Islands. This cluster of unique, Canadian islands is situated in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and serves as a popular vacation destination for locals. House Harbour stands out for its beautiful beachside cottages and breathtaking geological features. At South Dune Beach, you'll discover some of the island's most remarkable rock formations — the rusty red bluffs that overlook its shores. With its breathtaking views and a variety of beachside activities, a visit to South Dune Beach is guaranteed to refresh and rejuvenate you.

Fun activities while visiting South Dune Beach, Quebec

South Dune Beach not only offers stunning views to look at, but it is also home to fun, outdoorsy activities to keep you and your company busy. In fact, South Dune Beach's unique geological formations not only make its landscape a gorgeous site, but they also guard the area from wind, creating surprisingly calm waters. Between its relaxing sea and convenient supply of boat ramps, South Dune Beach is the perfect playground for kayakers and paddleboarders alike.

Not to mention, as you row your way across South Dune Beach's shores, you'll discover a number of stunning caves carved into the sides of its cliffs. To get a good look at these features, we recommend you book a guided kayaking tour with Parc de Gros-Cap. There, trained guides will lead you through the island's most mind-blowing natural sights.

If you're more interested in sitting by the water and powering through your beach read, South Dune Beach is perfect for that, as well. You can pack some food and enjoy a leisurely lunch overlooking the sea at one of the beach's public picnic tables.

Planning your stay at South Dune Beach

If you're looking for a relaxing, seaside escape, we highly recommend you start planning your trip to South Dune Beach. Located just a three-minute drive from the Îles de la Madeleine Airport, getting to your destination will be easy. While the area is enchanting any time of year, you should plan your trip during the summer if you're hoping to enjoy some time in the water. Even this island does not evade the notoriously frigid Canadian winter. For most of the year, water temperatures average around 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the water warms to 50 to the low 60s from July through October. It's a perfect way to cool off from the summer heat.

For visitors who want to spend all of their time at the beach, we suggest you reserve a campsite at Chalets Camping des Sillons. Located right alongside South Dune Beach, you'll be able to wake up and immediately greet the shoreline's remarkable topography. In the reception area of the camp, you'll find showers, bathrooms, laundry machines, and free Wi-Fi. The facility also offers rental cottages for those who are not looking to camp.