This Genius RV Hack Stops Your Cupboard Doors From Opening And Closing While Driving

If you want to have a successful RV trip, one important thing to do before you hit the road is to make sure that your belongings are secure. This is good for safety as well as reducing noise because it can be annoying to hear things banging around in the back of your vehicle. However, help is at hand because YouTuber VanTourist has an effortless and cheap way to stop doors and drawers from opening and closing when you're driving by using strips of velcro.

This adhesive tape is an essential ingredient in every RV, as it can help in all kinds of scenarios, including keeping your doors shut. He explained that velcro is better than using child locks as these are harder to open when you do need to get into your cupboards. It is also less expensive and more aesthetically pleasing for those who like their RV to be as nicely decorated as their home.

How to keep drawers shut using velcro

The first thing to do is make sure that your velcro matches the color of your cupboards, which is surprisingly easy to achieve as there are so many varieties available. As velcro strips come in different widths, make sure that the one you choose is the right size to fit your doors by measuring them. VanTourist recommends sticking a bit of velcro on either side of your cupboard door and then cutting a piece of velcro that covers both sides for when you're moving.

Once this is in place, it will keep your drawers together and when you are parked up, you can simply remove it. If you have a long cupboard door, you can use multiple velcro "locks" to make sure it is securely closed. After you've used this hack on all of your drawers and cupboards, make sure to keep a roll handy as it can be used for a range of other purposes.

Other ways to keep things secure in your RV

You can also apply velcro to the back of cushions and use this to stick them to the back of your sofa so they don't fall off while in transit. The Pecan Park RV website advises using velcro tape to hang things up on your walls, like pictures and photos. They also recommend using tension rods in your cupboards to create a barrier and stop things like cans from hitting the door and jumping out.

Strong magnets are another way to keep metal objects secure. Use magnetic strips inside drawers to keep things like knives and scissors from moving around and making noise. You can also use duct tape to stick things down as these heavy-duty rolls can hold items like shoes or toys easily. Split open pool noodles to keep glass objects like jars or bottles from banging together or breaking while you're on the move. Once you've implemented these great hacks, all of your belongings will be safe and sound on every RV trip that you take.