Make Your Teen Movie Dreams Come True With A Trip To These Mean Girls Inspired Restaurants

If you've ever wished to go to a place where you could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, eat it, and be happy, you can thank your lucky stars as your prayers have been answered by Regina George and her posse of plastics. In January 2024, media brand Bucket Listers turns the cult favorite movie "Mean Girls" into a tangible — and edible — experience with the launch of two pop-up restaurants in Los Angeles and New York. You won't get to do some baking, but you can do all the eating. Isn't this the groolest thing you've ever heard?

Fans of the 2004 classic will finally get a taste of the North Shore High experience with these pop-ups aptly called the "Mean Girls Experience." They're reportedly designed to be a "fast-casual restaurant of chef-driven cafeteria-style fare," but instead of serving muffins that need buttering, guests are treated to a wide range of inventive creations by "MasterChef" Season 3 semi-finalist Chef Becky Brown.

"There was nothing more grool than the chance to bring the world of 'Mean Girls' to life," Derek Berry, president of experiences at Bucket Listers, told Variety. "It's truly one of those movies that has stood the test of time and cult fandom. With the new film quickly approaching, there was no better time to honor this beloved classic and bring The Plastics' world to life. Every day here will be October 3rd." Get in, loser, we're going eating!

They're not regular pop-up restaurants, they're cool pop-up restaurants

The event organizers were not kidding when they said that guests were in for an ultimate "Mean Girls" experience. You can expect to indulge in dishes that pay homage to the film's most unforgettable moments. The selections include Burn Book Burger sliders, the Stab Caesar Salad, and Jambo! Mac and Cheese, and It Was One Time! Hot Dog. Got a craving for sweets? You can sink your teeth into the Kälteen Brownie, the Rainbow+Smiles Cake, the Is Butter A Carb? Cookie, and as expected, the Fetch Strudel, which you should totally order, as we don't think Gretchen Wieners' father, the inventor of Toaster Strudel, would be too pleased to hear about if you didn't!

After you've gotten your fill, you can proceed to explore the rest of the space, which features an actual Burn Book that you can scribble your sass in (but no mean comments, please!), Regina George's iconic bedroom mirror that you can strut in front of, and a "Mean Girls" museum with outfits and memorabilia taken from the actual movie set. You can also sip some margaritas at the "Cool Mom Bar" available from — you've guessed it — 4 to 6 p.m., and shop 'til you drop at the "Mean Girls Experience" merchandise area, which may or may not include moderately priced soaps.

You can go sooner than October 3rd

No need to mark October 3rd on your calendar for this! The "Mean Girls Experience" Los Angeles pop-up is open to the public starting January 12, coinciding with the release of the much-anticipated reboot, until April 21. Not in La La Land? Not a problem! The New York pop-up opens just days later, on January 19. You can book tickets straight on the Bucket Listers website, with prices starting at $39 per person. Just a heads up: it's a minimum two-person booking, with duos given the option to sit by the bar or a table, while groups of three or more can gather around tables.

Each ticket promises an immersive experience in the "Mean Girls" universe. You get to have your choice of entrée and a side, a Candy Cane Gram (shoutout to Glen Coco!), and a whole 90 minutes for dining, exploring, and shopping. There's also no age limit for guests, so whether you're a band geek, a mathlete, or an esteemed member of the Student Activities Committee, you can totally come and be in the presence of the greatest people you will ever meet! Just remember to dress the part — think Regina George chic or Janis Ian grunge. And of course, don't forget the most important rule in all of girl world: on Wednesdays, we wear pink.