Never Misplace Small Metal Toiletry Items In Your Small RV Bathroom With This Hack

Even on the smoothest roads, the smaller stuff inside your RV can sometimes fall or rattle around while you're driving. This is why it helps to keep everything as organized as possible while making sure it is secure and protected at the same time. One bonus of securing your small items is that you won't have to hear the distracting sounds of things moving while in transit.

According to, one of the best ways to keep your metal grooming items safe and easy to find is by using a magnetic strip. Attach this strip next to your mirror or inside the bathroom door and place your scissors, tweezers, or clippers on it, so they don't get lost. This is a great hack as magnetic strips are easy to find in DIY stores and they are usually self-adhesive which makes them easy to install. Magnets are your best friend when you live in a moving vehicle as they stop your metal objects from going astray.

Useful magnet hacks for RVs

If you have lots of metal stationery like paper clips or pins, put them inside a metal tin with a small magnet. The pins will stick to the magnet which will attach itself to the tin so it will eliminate the noise of them rattling around. Metal strips can also be used for bigger things, like cutlery for your kitchen, but if you're going to put knives on it, make sure they are secure as you don't want sharp objects flying around your RV!

Fridge magnets are another useful addition to your vehicle as you can use them to arrange tickets or important documents on a metal surface or board. This is useful when you need to show your papers to someone without having to shuffle through your glove compartment. It is also a good way to show off your children's artwork and bring a bit of personalization to your space. There are other changes you can make to secure things that aren't magnetic too.

Other RV hacks to keep your stuff safe

One thing that always rattles around the back of an RV is glass bottles and jars, but you can solve this using pool noodles. Cut the noodles in half and use them to wrap around bottles before putting them in a box or holder so that they don't make clinking noises or break. If you have long items you need to protect, like golf clubs then you can use a whole pool noodle to keep them safe.

Another useful hack is to stick lightweight objects down with duct tape to stop them from moving around. This tape is useful for all kinds of hacks, from removing splinters to preventing blisters so it's well worth having a roll in your RV as you never know when you might need it. A pegboard is also a good investment as you can attach small items to it securely using bulldog clips, which stops them from getting lost. If you implement all of these useful hacks, you can enjoy quieter journeys and a more enjoyable time on the road as you can find your things easily.