The Simple Duct Tape Hack That Will Help You Identify Your Luggage

Picture this: You're standing at the airport, waiting to see your bags come off luggage claim as a carousel of nearly identical luggage goes 'round and 'round. The fluorescent lights glare down as travelers squint, trying to figure out if the black or navy suitcase that just went by was theirs. It's an all-too-familiar situation, right? And a stressful one — especially after a long flight.

However, seasoned travelers have recently found a way to make sure they never have to work too hard at figuring out if a suitcase is theirs or not — and it involves colorful duct tape and a steady hand. Next time you're about to set off on a journey that requires checking your bag, carefully wrap a strip of colored duct tape around the handles to make your luggage instantly recognizable. Then, once you've arrived at your destination, simply keep your eyes peeled for the tape-marked bag coming your way.

A hack that shines for its simplicity, marking your bag with duct tape means you won't have to lean over and furtively check bag tags or risk accidentally picking up someone else's luggage. Just a quick glance, and you'll be on your way!

Why duct tape can be your luggage's best friend

No matter where you go or how you use them, duct tape hacks shine for their versatility. Besides being incredibly durable and tough, duct tape also comes in a variety of widths, strengths, colors, and prints that you can choose from. This makes it perfect for the luggage identification trick.

Ideally, you'll want to opt for a bright or unique color — something that will stand out amidst the sea of similar bags — and wrap it securely around both bag handles. Oh, and don't worry about having to redo this constantly. The adhesive strength of duct tape will also ensure that your wrap won't easily wear off, even after multiple trips.

Another added bonus of having duct tape on your luggage? It's also there for emergencies. That way, if you ever come across a broken zipper, minor tear, or break, that handy piece of tape can double up as an immediate fix before you're able to find a more long-term solution. That way, while it's primarily there to help you spot your luggage, it's also comforting to know that in a pinch, duct tape can help protect your belongings if you need it.