The Simple Solution For More Counter Space In A Cramped RV Kitchen

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There are times when you want to get where you're going quickly. Then there are moments when nothing sounds better than hitting the open road at your own leisurely pace. This customized approach to slower travel, paired with a convenient mobile setup, is what often inspires travelers to choose an RV road trip over flying. In 2022 alone, RV Learning Center reported nearly 450,000 RVs were sold across the U.S. and Canada.

RVs provide a great home on the road, with most models complete with a kitchen, but they don't necessarily come with a reputation for having massive amounts of counter space available to put your chef skills to the test while traveling. Fortunately, there are simple solutions for maximizing the space you do have available. Investing in covers for your RV kitchen sink and stovetop enhances your meal preparation options without any massive interior renovations required. These features are designed to be easy to move so you can transition from using the sink or stove to crafting savory meals with added counter space for a hassle-free and successful RV trip.

Easy-to-purchase cover options

The dimensions of your RV sink and stovetop will vary depending on the model you've purchased. However, traditional measurements of these appliances take a significant amount of space out of potential meal preparation areas in your RV. A standard RV kitchen sink measures 14 11/16 inches wide and long. Stovetops are typically installed at 20 ¼-inches wide.

Earning that counter space back with a sink and stovetop cover is relatively inexpensive and you have options on where to shop if you're working with a budget. Well-known retailers like Camping World have oak sink covers available to purchase for just over $31 each. At Factory RV, travelers who are looking for even more durable space-saving options can purchase polyboard double sink covers for just under $48.

If you're looking for deeper discounts on RV sink and stovetop cover options to expand counter space, going with a universal bamboo sink and stove cover could be the right choice. These are available through Trademark Innovations on Amazon for just under $20. They easily fit over the sink and stove while doubling as a cutting board too. Because they're made from bamboo, this option comes with the benefit of being an eco-friendly addition to your trip.