This Stunning Garden Is A Must-Visit For Nature Lovers Traveling To Japan

Entering a garden can feel like entering another world, especially when they're expansive and contain a large variety of plants. Taking your time to quite literally smell the roses and an abundance of other flowers is a delightful experience that can put you in a reflective mood. Studies show that simply being in nature can help relieve stress and calm your mind. Pair such a setting with a mindful activity like meditation, and you'll likely find a sense of peace amid neatly trimmed bushes and towering trees. The Adachi Museum of Art's garden is an ethereal place, making a wonderful location to experience all this. 

The garden is located in the city of Shimane, Japan. It's a popular spot in the area, but not as well known to tourists, meaning you'll likely find it to be quieter than other gardens. While it's in a city of over 670,000 people, it will feel like you're taking a break from the busy city and entering a new realm. If you're hoping to find a refuge of serenity as well as a place of grand aesthetics, then consider venturing to Japan to experience this garden for yourself.

About the garden and museum

The garden initially opened in 1970, taking its place as an alluring addition to the art museum. You'll find different sections as you explore its more than 1.7 million square feet. The area combines art and nature in a beautiful way.

The creative who designed and founded the garden and museum was Zenko Adachi. He once compared a Japanese garden to a canvas, and that served as the philosophy of his approach. In addition to the imaginative canvas that is the garden, the museum's wall also have more traditional canvases hung for your viewing. Upon entering, you'll find thousands of paintings and other forms of art. The museum has an especially large collection of works by Japanese artist Taikan Yokoyama on display. "Before looking at Japanese paintings, you can look at these Japanese gardens and understand them in this sequence," museum director and grandson of Adachi, Takodori Adachi, explained to CNN. "The art museum was designed so it would be easier to look at."

The garden through the seasons and admissions info

The garden and museum are open all year. Each season brings new beauty to the garden. To find out what to expect in regard to plants each season (e.g., are the leaves turning, are flowers blooming, etc.), you can look at the official Adachi website. If you're interested in specific artists, you can check out their calendar of upcoming exhibits and possibly find some of your favorites or discover new artists. Admission is 2,300 yen, which is about $16 for adults; student discounts are available. For those arriving by train, you can hop on the free shuttle that takes you from JR Yasugi Station directly to the garden and museum.

Overall, the Adachi Museum of Art is a unique, idyllic experience that's ideal for art and nature lovers alike. "[The] Adachi Museum of Art [is] a serene haven," a reviewer on wrote. "Stunning landscapes and art blend seamlessly, an oasis of beauty." If you're looking to de-stress and immerse yourself in calmness and beauty, then you should add this destination to your bucket list.