Martha Stewart's Etiquette Tips For Staying In A Hotel And Dining Out

Business mogul, Emmy Award-winning TV host, bestselling author, and lifestyle aficionado Martha Stewart has shared her valuable tips on a range of everyday living topics for years. Fans have turned to Stewart for guidance on cooking, dining, entertaining, gardening, decorating, shopping, and more. Another area of Stewart's expertise is travel, as the multi-hyphenate has taken trips to places such as Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.

Whether eating at restaurants or staying at hotels, Stewart believes in strong social etiquette. An August post on her Instagram page detailed how traditionally good manners are still relevant to modern-day dining. A quote from an etiquette expert showcased why etiquette matters. The caption read, "When we have knowledge of etiquette — which could basically be summarized as the dos and don'ts of behavior — it takes the pressure off." An article from Martha Stewart's website breaks down general dining etiquette tips, like keeping your phone and any other personal items off the table. In Stewart's eyes, being classy and courteous is a recipe for success. But let's unpack what exactly that entails.

Neatness and politeness is important

Listen up, foodie travelers! When dining out, it's important not to throw your manners out the window. Talking to People, Martha Stewart described what proper restaurant etiquette looks like. Referring to her 12-year-old granddaughter Jude, she shared, "She sits straight, she puts her napkin on her lap, she can eat with chopsticks ... and she's extremely polite. We had the most pleasant time, but it really does require pleasant behavior in a restaurant." As for her "no-nos," Stewart advised against "eating too fast" and "stuffing your face." She also stressed the importance of being gracious to servers.

Stewart's philosophy about dining out carries over to her beliefs about hotel etiquette. Whether you're interacting with servers or your surroundings, showing respect is key. In Stewart's opinion, leaving your hotel room in tip-top condition is essential. While it's not typically required to tidy up the room yourself, Stewart still likes to go the extra mile. "I never leave messes," she says. "If I'm traveling, I fold my towels and leave them in a neat little pile. I wipe up the sink. I don't leave any garbage anywhere." Stewart also mentioned that she'll hang up her used robe and hangers before she departs. For Stewart, being a considerate guest is the bottom line. "I just can't bear it when people leave a horrible mess in the room. It's the worst," she shared. What do you think — does Martha know best?