This Budget-Friendly US Airline May Soon Offer International Flights

If you love low-cost airlines, well, you may soon love this one even more. Budget carrier Breeze Airways hopes to add a few international destinations to its ever-expanding roster. The popular airline is requesting flag carrier approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a designation ascribed to U.S.-based carriers that operate overseas. Once the certificate is granted, the airline will be able to fly outside of the continental U.S. to Hawaii, Alaska, and beyond.

Currently, Breeze flies to 45 domestic cities from coast to coast. In the coming years, the airline is eager to expand its operations to sun destinations and Europe. In an interview with Reuters, Breeze's founder and CEO, David Neeleman, noted Ireland as one "peak of the season" hotspots it's considering. As for warm-weather destinations, the airline may be eyeing Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. During the post-pandemic "revenge travel" era of the last two years, domestic routes haven't seen as much return as international routes, encouraging budget airlines, like Breeze, to get creative.

Breeze's growth and expanding fleet

Launched in 2021, Breeze's business model has proven sound. The carrier identifies the pain points on the maps — the places where other airlines no longer fly — and fills in the gaps. It's a win-win, as passengers can get to and from secondary cities with little hassle, while the airline has no direct competition. Earlier this month, for example, the airline announced that it's adding seven new cities and 14 routes to the books in 2024, including Burlington, Vermont, which will no longer be serviced by JetBlue. The changes in the market have created ample opportunity for the company, says Neeleman, who is at the helm of his fifth airline.

Breeze has a fleet of 35 aircrafts with the capacity to hold 108 to 137 passengers per flight. With growth on the brain, the airline has placed an order for 64 additional A220-300s, each of which can fly 3,910 miles. That's certainly enough to get you to a sunny getaway in Latin America or across the pond to Dublin (3,176 miles) from the East Coast. While FAA certificates take time, hopefully it won't be too long before Breeze announces which international destinations are on deck.