The Unexpected Bar Soap Hack For A Stuck RV Door That Won't Open

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As rewarding as it is, RV life can come with its fair share of challenges. Given enough time and exposure to the elements, the front door in your rig could start to stick. On some occasions, you may even be convinced that you're locked out, even though you're sure you left the lock open. Rather than replace the door parts, which could be costly and inconvenient, you may already have a quick fix sitting in your RV.

Sharon from Two Tired Teachers, one of two traveling sisters and an RV enthusiast, shared a budget-friendly solution via a short YouTube video. First, grab a bar of soap. Hold it by the long edge. Scrub the latch of the door until you can see a nice coating of film on it. Test the door from inside. Now it should open much more easily. While this is not a permanent solution, this clever RV hack should tide you over for a month or so.

Troubleshooting a stuck RV door

The reason that soap works so well is that it acts as a lubricant on the metal latch. You can also use dish soap, vaseline, or zipper lubricant for the same effect. A step up from that would be a chemical spray that works fast to remove grime from surfaces, which could be obstructing movement. To get the job done, you could try some good old WD40 or some Camco Slide Out Lube, which is formulated for RVs and can be used on several parts, like hinges, rollers, and brakes.

When you have a chance, examine the parts around your door to see if any quick adjustments are needed. You'll want to look for loose screws or handles in three places: around the latch, the screen door, and the strike plate. If any of the screws are off-kilter, it could make the whole door more difficult to open and close. Should you spot something out of place, go ahead and use any Phillips screwdriver to tighten the parts. Another option is to adjust your stairs so they drop down a little bit, freeing up the space between your door and the first step. Once the door mystery is solved, you can get back on the road and enjoy your next RV adventure.