Make RV Slide-Outs Safer With This Pool Noodle Hack

Mahlon Miller patented the first power slide-out for RVs in 1990. Since then, slide-outs have become increasingly more common as the technology has improved. They are innovative ways to expand the size of an RV for added comfort during camping trips. However, because they are only used when the RV is parked, the slide-outs can become painful surprises if someone hits their head while walking around the campsite. Sometimes the bottom of the slide-out is just a few feet from the ground, and if you are traveling with children, these could stick out right at a child's head. No one wants a big bump or cut on the noggin while on vacation.

While some RVs come equipped with awnings to pull out over the RV's slide-outs for extra moisture protection, there's not much on the market to cover the bottom edges of the slide-outs. However, some DIY skills can help solve this, and when thinking outside of the box, a pool noodle hack can make slide-outs a lot safer.

Place pool noodles over the edges of the slide-out

To cover the edges of an RV slide-out with pool noodles, measure the lengths of the slide-out's sides and cut the noodles to the correct lengths. Then, cut along the lengths to open the cylindrical hole that goes through the middle of the noodle like a straw. Place the noodles over the slide-out's edges, but make sure they're long enough to cover the corners. When a young camper is walking around an RV site, these jutting corners can be particularly hazardous. 

Pool noodles are inexpensive and widely sold at retail chains all over the United States. When they're kept reasonably dry, they can last quite a while before the foam begins to crumble. After enjoying your safe camping area, the pool noodles can be easily removed once it's time to retract the slide-outs and drive off to another amazing RV destination