Drive Along The Entire Coast Of Africa On This Popular Road Trip Route

Seasoned travelers and adventurers likely share one incredible bucket list trip — the iconic overland journey across the entire continent of Africa from Cairo to Cape Town. The legendary trip has been repeated time and time again, but it isn't for everyone. You'll need to do a significant amount of planning ahead of time to prepare yourself and remain flexible along the way. Africa is as wild as it is wonderful, so it's a good idea to anticipate the unexpected on the 6,200-mile route.

The cross-continental journey will take you through 9 to 13 different countries (depending on the route you take), each with its own unique cultures and ecosystems. A minimum of about three months is required to complete the trip, but you can budget as much time as you want and leave yourself plenty of room in your itinerary to stop and soak up the experiences along the way.

On this one-of-a-kind adventure, you'll see world-famous sites and natural wonders, including the Great Pyramids of Giza, wildlife parks, waterfalls, and so much more. The journey from Cairo to Cape Town is a once-in-a-lifetime expedition that will leave you with lifelong memories and place you among the world's most adventurous explorers.

Planning the journey from Cairo to Cape Town

The most crucial part of your road trip begins before you even depart. Most who undertake the epic route plan for weeks, months, and even years before they start. As with any lengthy journey, leaving room for unexpected twists and turns will be necessary — even the most immaculately planned itineraries will require last-minute adaptations. Along the way, you might experience challenges like illnesses or car problems that can't be avoided. But with proper planning, you should feel prepared for any bumps in the road.

The planning phase can be extremely overwhelming as there is much to consider, so working with a reputable tour company is a good idea. As you begin to form your itinerary, you'll want to consider all of the obvious things like budget, accommodations, and transportation. For a continent-spanning road trip, you'll need to either rent or purchase a 4x4 vehicle. Plan on a minimum budget of at least $10,500 for the journey.

Other things to consider during the planning phase include applying for travel visas and getting necessary vaccinations or medications. Most visas will be available at border crossings, but you'll need to apply ahead of time and meet specific requirements for others. Do plenty of research before you disembark to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork. Some countries in Africa require vaccinations for preventable diseases like Yellow Fever. Pills to prevent malaria are also recommended, so discuss your travel plans with your doctor before departing.

Unforgettable experiences along the way

A road trip across Africa can be undertaken year-round from either direction. But if you want to avoid some of the hottest months during the portions of your trip that pass through the sweltering Sahara, it's best to begin between February and April in Cairo, Egypt. After exploring Cairo, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, and other historic sites around the area for about a week, you'll embark on a life-changing journey through Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia, before finally arriving in South Africa. For the sake of time, you may consider skipping a few countries along the way. Hitting them all will likely take you around six to eight months.

As you travel along the coast of this massive continent, you'll have the opportunity to visit some of the most iconic locations in the world. Imagine exploring one of the oldest cities in the world, enjoying the views from the banks of the Nile, and venturing through the Serengeti. You can spot animals like elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, and lions on a safari visiting a world-famous wildlife park like Masai Mara in Kenya. You might even consider hiking Mount Kilimanjaro.

Other highlights include Victoria Falls, the third largest waterfall in the world, and plenty of chances for cultural immersion in the cities and villages en route. When you finally arrive on the beautiful beaches of Cape Town, you'll have a new appreciation and understanding of Africa.