This Hawaiian State Park Is A Great Spot To Add To Your Hiking Bucket List

Hawaii is a dream destination for many. From its aqua blue waters, where sighting turtles is a common occurrence, to its volcanic black sand beaches to its large abundance of waterfalls, Hawaii's islands are a nature lover's paradise. Best of all, Americans can travel there sans passport thanks to it being one of the 50 states, despite the feeling of being a world away from mainland USA.

If you're headed to Hawaii's Big Island, there's one hiking destination you'd be remiss to skip. 'Akaka Falls State Park is located near the town of Hilo, one of the most picturesque towns not only on the Big Island but in all of Hawaii. This colorful state park is full of waterfalls, unique florals, and hiking trails that can be easily enjoyed. 'Akaka Falls State Park is a friendly reminder that there's much more to see in Hawaii than just popular Honolulu and tropical Maui.

Waterfalls galore

The hike through 'Akaka Falls State Park ( aka the ʻAkaka Falls Loop Trail) is only .4 miles, and while it is an uphill hike, it is overall an easy journey. Visitors can enjoy the vivid scenery on the short but powerful path. For the average hiker, the entire trek takes less than one hour. Along your journey through 'Akaka Falls State Park, expect to see plenty of lush flora and fauna. Here, there's no shortage of bamboo groves, hibiscus plants, Heliconias in bloom, orchids, and ferns, to name a few. 

Most excitingly, however, are the two waterfalls you'll see throughout your hike. You'll first encounter Kahuna Falls, a 100-foot waterfall that might seem dramatic, but there's an even bigger one to come. Moving forward, you'll be greeted with a waterfall almost five times the size of Kahuna Falls: ʻAkaka Falls, at a whopping 442 feet. 

Tripadvisor travelers have gone as far as to rate 'Akaka Falls State Park as their favorite waterfall on Hawaii's Big Island. Between the waterfalls, the colorful florals, and the generally easy and short hike, it's no wonder 'Akaka Falls State Park remains one of the most popular hikes in Hawaii.