Visit This Beautiful Caribbean Beach For A Picture-Perfect Vacation

One of the biggest mistakes travelers can make is assuming all of the Caribbean islands are the same. We often associate the islands with glorious beaches best enjoyed by staying at an all-inclusive resort. While traveling through the Caribbean can certainly bring an unmatched sense of relaxation, travelers are often surprised to learn that not all Caribbean beaches are created equally. If you're looking for some of the best in the region, there's one raved beach that frequently tops any "best of" list.

Grace Bay Beach in Turks & Caicos provides those stunning blue waters against perfectly white sands that we all envision when we think of "paradise." This beach is so notoriously pristine that it has frequently been voted as one of the best beaches in the world by TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Awards. If you're a sucker for postcard-like beachscapes, you'll need to add Grace Bay Beach in Turks & Caicos to your bucket list. 

What to do near Grace Bay Beach

Turks & Caicos is a sleepy getaway, making such a calm and serene beach even more appealing. The number one thing you'll want to do here is simply kick back and relax. Grab a book, a hammock, and maybe a cocktail made with Barbarra Rum, the local rum of the island.

If you find yourself itching for more of an adventure in Turks & Caicos, a catamaran tour ought to do the trick. Turks & Caicos has a thriving coral reef system, surrounded by a stretch of 340 miles of colorful reef. Because of this, snorkeling and scuba diving are sought-after activities. Who wouldn't want to snorkel in some of the clearest waters in the world?

To really capture the relaxation and give some love to your social media feed, rent a glass kayak and book a drone photoshoot with a local photographer. Of course, you can also bring your own drone and do this yourself, but you're here to relax, so take a load off and let someone else manage the photoshoot.

When to visit and how to get there

Turks & Caicos is located in the Caribbean, which unfortunately makes the islands prone to hurricanes. While it's a rare occurrence for the islands to be too badly affected, you can increase your chances of experiencing days of pure sunshine by avoiding August to October. Like many of its neighboring Caribbean countries, the peak season for Turks & Caicos falls between December and April.

Luckily for American travelers, the islands have direct flights from several major U.S. cities into Providenciales International Airport (PLS), including flights from New York City, Dallas, Washington, D.C., Miami, Atlanta, and Charlotte. Turks & Caicos can also be explored on a cruise. Virgin Voyages, Carnival, Celebrity Cruises, and Royal Caribbean all offer itineraries with stops at these picturesque islands. Whatever way you choose to get here, one thing is for certain: you'll be amazed when walking along one of the most postcard-worthy beaches on planet Earth.