Take A Trip To This Italian Village For Stunning Mountain Sceneries

Italy is home to countless picturesque villages, countrysides of rolling hills, and numerous ancient and beautiful cities that are rich in influence and history. It's no wonder why millions of tourists from all over the world flock to this country of more than 60 million people. Everything from its delectable food to lively music and stunning art make it a charming vacation for everyone, no matter your interests.

While the big cities have plenty to do, the underrated smaller towns and villages are just as worthy of a visit. The village of Castelmezzano is certainly one of them. The quiet village of just less than 800 residents is tucked into a mountainside, making for a romantic and dreamy scene — the village itself is just as beautiful to look at as the mountains that surround it. Inside the village, you'll find quaint restaurants serving fresh, homemade food, and a church that was built in the 13th century, and much more.

Sights and thrills in Castelmezzano

Castelmezzano is nestled quite literally in the Lucanian Dolomites, a scenic mountain range located in Southern Italy. From the town, you'll have breathtaking views not only of the nearby peaks, but also the Gallipoli Cognato Piccole Dolomiti Lucane Regional Natural Park. The park covers 100 square miles and includes multiple forests among the mountains.

The village has been around for quite some time, since the 5th or 6th century to be exact. Somewhere between the 1000s and 1200s the Normans, a group of people who descended from Vikings and settled in modern-day Normandy, France before conquering various areas of Europe, came to Castelmezzano. They built the castle that the town is named after. Nowadays, you can see that castle's ruins. This makes for a fun venture if you love history, as does a visit to the Chiesa Madre di Santa Maria dell'Olmo church, which was built in the 1200s.

In addition to historical sites, you'll find that the village has a particularly unique activity: the Volo dell'Angelo. The Volo dell'Angelo (The Angel's Flight) is a zip line that strings Castelmezzano to the neighboring village of Pietrapertosa. You can ride on your own or with a partner on one of the two lines that stretch for more than 4,600 feet and reach speeds as fast as 75 miles per hour. It's the perfect thrill for adventure lovers.

Paths to walk and places to stay

In addition to strolling around and taking photos, visiting historical sites, and engaging in thrilling activities, you can also take a mini hike along The Seven Stone Path, which is a little more than a mile long and also connects Castelmezzano to Pietrapertosa. The path is an ancient one that now has an art installation with seven key pieces that symbolize a key part in the story of "Vito Dancing with the Witches," which narrates the story of a farmer whose wife turns out to be a witch.

If you're smitten by the town's charm and decide you need to stay an extra night or two, or you simply want the town to be your base for your Italian adventures, you can easily book a place to stay. Casa Vacanza Al Cuore del Borgo is a quaint and colorful bed and breakfast with stunning views from the windows and balconies. Dimore dell'Olmo – Ospitalita Diffusa is another bed and breakfast, but this one is rated number one on TripAdvisor. For those looking to return to urban streets, you can head to the nearby cities of Naples and Bari.