Turn Your Water Bottle Into An Emergency Camping Lantern With This Easy Hack

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A camping lantern is one of those must-have essentials to pack for your trip so you can read in your tent after sunset, find the nearest shower in the dark to brush your teeth, and rifle through your car looking for that extra bag of marshmallows for a few more s'mores around the campfire. With that said, remembering to check the battery in your light before you leave home is an easy step to overlook, leaving you with just a decorative lantern sans power when you need it most.

Fortunately, TikTok has the answer. Life hack enthusiast @sidneyraz posted a 30-second clip of how to turn your water bottle into a light source. Sydney introduces the hack as a skill one should know before hitting 30, admitting in the caption that he's been stuck in the dark before and doesn't want you to be. The light hack takes about three seconds, provided that you have a charged phone at the ready.

How to create a makeshift camping lantern

All you have to do is grab your water bottle and fill it generously with water. If you're using a plastic water bottle, pull off the label for a cleaner aesthetic. Turn on your cell phone and activate the flashlight. Place your phone under the base of the water bottle so the light points upward. The beam will then illuminate the water bottle like a lantern. The best part about this hack is its three-in-one utility: use your bottle for water, your phone for camping footage, and the two together for an effective light in a pinch. Now, you have one less thing to worry about when packing for your camping trip.

If you can, avoid using ice water to fill up your makeshift lantern, as the bottle may sweat onto your phone. For an added effect, you could try different colored water bottles or food dye to change the hue of the water. Bonus points if you bring your phone's backup battery bank, so you never have to worry about being without power. With such an effortless life hack, you'll never look at your water bottle the same way again.