The Water Bottle Camping Hack That Will Keep You Warm At Night

When weather conditions are unpredictable, even the most experienced of campers can be unprepared to handle the situation. Maybe it rains suddenly, or wind knocks over a tree that blocks a hiking trail. It's especially frustrating when you're trying to sleep, and the weather dips to an ungodly freezing temperature. While we might all have our tips and tricks or gadgets and gizmos to keep warm, there's something more unexpected that could do the trick.

All you need is water and a water bottle that is heat-resistant, but that isn't insulated so that the bottle gets hot. It's a simple hack, but all you need to do is heat water until it's just shy of a boil, pour it into your bottle, and keep it close to you. This might sound like asking for a disaster, but there are ways to do this safely. We have a feeling you'll become just as hooked on this simple heating tactic as we are.

Tips to avoid scalding yourself

While it might sound like a dangerous idea to cuddle with a near-boiling water bottle, there are ways to ensure you won't be brutalized with a burning wake-up call — even if there's some spillage. The best way to do this is to wrap your water bottle in a few layers of t-shirts, bandanas, or even a thin towel. Better yet, before you pass out next to your new source of heat, double check that the cap is securely tightened to avoid any leaks.

This hack is especially useful because it doesn't require you to carry anything extra with you while camping. You likely are already bringing a heat-resistant water bottle, or something quite similar, and hopefully you already have access to water and a way to get it hot. This is just a simple trick to keep you warm and cozy through the night with a little plastic cuddle buddy.