This National Park In Central America Is Home To Some Of The Best Volcano Views In The World

Whether it's in a chilly destination like Iceland or a tropical paradise like Hawaii, there's no denying that taking in views of the world's volcanoes adds an aesthetically pleasing point of view to our travels. Volcanoes not only create a visually stunning backdrop to our well-earned getaways, but they can also provide adrenaline-hungry travelers with a great workout. If you're a volcano-seeker and want to be in the presence of one with some of the best views on the globe, look no further than Central America.

Known as being one of the most biodiverse nations here on Earth, Costa Rica is a nature-lovers paradise. Because of its abundance of flora and fauna, Costa Rica is famously home to more than half a million species of unique wildlife. Sloths, jaguars, and turtles aside, one of the most sought-after natural wonders of Costa Rica is Arenal Volcano National Park. Sure, there are volcanoes all over the world, but the natural visuals created at Arenal makes it no surprise that visitors from all over the globe flock to reel in its beauty.

Best ways to experience Arenal

What is it about Arenal that makes it one of the most beautiful volcanic views of the world? Well, for starters, it's surrounded by flowers and unique colorful plants native to Costa Rica, creating a lush, natural framing of the volcano. While Arenal is indeed a volcano, it is currently considered dormant since it hasn't erupted since 2010. Part of the appeal of Arenal's beauty is that, to this day, despite being inactive, visitors still have a chance at seeing smoke coming out of Arenal.

Looks aside, the most common way to experience Arenal is by hiking to the top view points. Costa Rica is a great destination for avid hikers from all over the globe, and Arenal's hike certainly won't disappoint. It's recommended to use a guide, but you can choose to hike on your own. The hike is moderately easy and typically takes less than two hours total.

What to do in La Fortuna

If you're not up for the hike, the town which many use as a base to view Arenal is luckily a Costa Rican oasis. La Fortuna, a small town in the middle of the country, is heaven on earth. Arguably best known for being a hub to Arenal, La Fortuna is also one of the best places in Central America to soak in hot springs. Hey, if you did embark on a hike, soaking in one of the town's many natural hot springs is a great way to soothe those muscles.

Many come to Costa Rica to catch a glimpse of rare wildlife. La Fortuna is a great place to see sloths, one of Costa Rica's most famous animals. You can also take a river cruise to spot creatures such as toucans, howler monkeys, and egrets.

If you're up for more adventure, you'll want to check out La Fortuna's hanging bridges at Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges. You also simply cannot miss Fortuna River Waterfall.

The accommodations in La Fortuna range from high-end luxury to backpacker-friendly. If you want to stay on the luxury side, one of the most famous resorts in town is Tabacon Thermal Resort & Spa. If you're on a tight budget and want more of a social experience, SantaFe Hostel ought to do the trick.