What Really Came Of Shower Toga Portable Public Shower From Shark Tank?

One of the worst things about outdoor activities is that you will be sweaty and dirty after everything is said and done. While this can be remedied with a hot shower, sometimes there's not a shower available. Kressa Peterson realized this after competing in Spartan Races, muddy obstacle courses. In an interview with Billion Success, Peterson, a former horse broker from Georgia, explained that she began competing in Spartan Races after being diagnosed with breast cancer. However, she was irked by the lack of showers. 

As a result, she created Shower Toga. The product can be described as a towel wrap made out of nylon. Users slip the shower toga around their waist or up to their armpits, tighten it, and then use it to slip off their clothes discreetly. A hose, water bottle, or whatever else is on hand can then be used to bathe in public. 

Peterson told Billion Success, "I took it to a race, and everyone thought, Oh Kressa, you've lost your mind!". I sat in the middle of all these people, put on my goofy thing, showered, and scrubbed without ever going into the changing tent." Fellow racers loved the idea and wanted their own. 

By 2017, Shower Toga had a campaign on Kickstarter. Then, in March 2019, Shower Toga was featured on Season 10, Episode 14 of "Shark Tank." Peterson asked the sharks for $80,000 in exchange for 33% of Shower Toga and posed the question, "Who wants to get naked in public?"

One Shark disapproved of Shower Toga

Kressa Peterson included her two children and her husband, who dressed as a fairy, in her "Shark Tank" pitch. She revealed how muddy obstacle courses led to Shower Toga and emphasized that it doubles as a duffle bag for dirty clothes. Kevin O'Leary questioned the product and asked Peterson if she had sold any. Peterson replied that she had sold $80,000 worth of Shower Toga's, much of it at the obstacle courses she participated in.

Peterson noted that Shower Toga had a retail price of $34.95 but that it took only $2.85 to make. The Sharks screamed their approval at these margins. However, O'Leary told Peterson, "Isn't your competition a garbage bag?" Peterson told him, "Oh my gosh, that's like saying a balloon is the same thing as a condom." She explained why Shower Toga was superior and revealed that she was selling her product by traveling around the country via her trailer.

Nevertheless, O'Leary said he was out. Peterson then got emotional speaking about her breast cancer diagnosis and how it played a part in Shower Toga's creation. Robert Herjavec praised Peterson, but decided against making a deal. Lori Greiner told Peterson she didn't think Shower Toga needed an investor and said she was out. Mark Cuban said he and guest Shark Alli Webb loved the product and offered her $80,000 for 40% of Shower Toga. Webb, co-founder of Drybar, told her, "You remind me of myself." An emotional Peterson took their deal.

Shower Toga landed a dream partnership

Shortly after her "Shark Tank" episode aired, Kressa Peterson and Kevin O'Leary went on "The View" to promote Shower Toga. Although O'Leary had not been a fan of Shower Toga before, it seems that he had a change of heart. He told "The View" that Mark Cuban saw Shower Toga's potential to help people, including kids who were bullied at school or lacked body confidence. In addition, Peterson went on to drop big news: Shower Toga had signed a deal with Spartan Races, the company that had inspired the product.

Speaking about this deal to the Spartan Blog, she said, "I don't really know how it all happened other than I literally just put one foot in front of the other and never took 'no' for an answer. I fought for my product because I whole-heartedly believed in it." Shower Toga is still sold on the Spartan website at the time of publication.

A May 2019 interview with Spartan Races states that Peterson was still traveling in her RV to sell Shower Toga. Peterson also discussed Mark Cuban and Alli Webb, saying, "They're both very hands-on, and I'm in touch with them several times a week." She added, "One of the best things about both Mark and Alli is that they are totally normal. They are so kind and generous, and they truly want to see all their entrepreneurs succeed."

Mark Cuban's involvement in Shower Toga

In the early onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Shower Toga, with the help of Mark Cuban, donated nearly 1,000 Shower Toga's to front-line workers. This act of generosity came after the company discovered that health professionals were using its product as a preventative measure. In August 2022, Peterson was featured on the TrepTalks podcast and spoke about how the pandemic had impacted Shower Toga. She cited fulfillment issues and noted that the company was growing slower than it would have pre-COVID.

She also revealed that Shower Toga donated $100,000 worth of products during the pandemic and that her company, previously based in Georgia, was now doing fulfillment orders out of Dana Point, California. In the same interview, Peterson commended Cuban and said she was incredibly grateful for all he had done for her.

Cuban seems to feel the same way about Peterson. In a LinkedIn post from 2021, he wrote, "So proud of Shower Toga. Kress is one of the hardest working entrepreneurs I've met!" That same year, he referred to Shower Toga as one of his favorite investments he made on "Shark Tank" via Instagram.

On TrepTalks, Peterson disclosed that Cuban still owned 25% of Shower Toga and that his team assists the company with marketing, among other things. Peterson did not mention Alli Webb; it is unclear if she still has a stake in the company. As of 2023, Shower Toga is still listed as a Mark Cuban Company.

Shower Toga expanded its product line

At the time of this publication, Shower Toga is active on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Posts, many of which feature Kressa Peterson, are frequently uploaded on all three social media sites. Its Twitter, on the other hand, seems to be neglected. Shower Toga (machine washable and lightweight) can be purchased on its website for $39.95 or on Amazon for $34.95.

The company claims it is a camping essential, but it can also be used for van life and other situations, including when natural disasters strike. With that said, new items have been introduced since "Shark Tank," including the Shower To-Go. This attachment can be placed on a water bottle to allow users to create a DIY shower. A bundle pack with both products is available, too.

In addition, Shower Toga created a plus-size version of Shower Toga. In a 2022 interview with Inspiration & Cold Hard Truths, Peterson said this directly resulted from the healthcare workers using Shower Toga during the COVID-19 pandemic. She revealed, "We learned that we were not inclusive enough, and I am so thankful for that education."

But how do consumers feel about Shower Toga? On Amazon, the original Shower Toga has 4.6 out of 5 stars. One reviewer wrote, "I was pleased with how well-rinsed I felt when I was done, and how easy it was to dress, undress, and towel dry without ever feeling exposed. I'll be taking it on more trips." Another said they liked the product but wished it came in other colors.