Try These Top Influencer-Inspired Hacks Next Time You're Staying At A Resort

Nearly everyone is familiar with (or addicted to) TikTok — the world's largest inspiration board, social platform, and influencer-approved travel hack tool. With influencer culture on the rise, trending videos showcasing glamorous stays at luxury resorts seem to permeate the TikTok landscape. Fortunately, the lavish lifestyles of TikTokers translate into a set of well-defined travel hacks for non-influencers seeking a taste of the glitz and glam.

Whether you're on a budget and are looking for a quick weekend getaway or are planning a week-long trip to the Caribbean alone or with family, TikTok has got you covered. Under-the-radar websites that help cut travel costs and simple yet clever tips for your resort stay are just a few perks of scrolling through TikTok's never-ending feed. Next time you're planning a stay at a luxury resort, try these influencer-inspired TikTok hacks that will help you save money and make the most of your trip.

Sample amenities from several resorts to find your favorite

TikTok user @arabella is a wildly popular travel and lifestyle influencer who's garnered a TikTok following of over 110k. Her videos range from luxury resort reviews to showcasing hidden gems from her travels. In November of 2022, Arabella shared a video highlighting one of her favorite travel hacks to maximize amenities while sticking to a budget. The influencer suggests purchasing day passes on Resort Pass to all-inclusive resorts in their chosen destination for as little as $25 a day. 

This online travel brand partners with many popular, distinguished hotels around the globe, allowing guests to sample the amenities and services of a resort without booking a room. Steam rooms, cold plunges, and poolside cabanas are just a few of the luxuries available to guests when purchasing a day pass. "Resort Pass is the perfect way to try out some of the best hotels in the world on your own schedule," Arabella said. She also shared that after choosing a destination for her trip, she browses through local resorts and purchases day passes to hotels in surrounding locations.

Don't forget your tumbler

TikTok has long been the primary platform fueling the tumbler debate between Stanley Cup, Hydroflask, and other trending brands. Regardless of which insulated cup you prefer, several TikTokers, including user @tayisreallycool, have found new ways to put these popular tumblers to use when staying at a luxury resort. A San Francisco-based influencer, her wildly popular video detailing this luxury resort hack went viral in March of 2022 with over two million views. 

There's no worse feeling than your new signature frosé slowly melting under the blazing sun. To prevent defrosting and keep cocktails cold, Taylor suggests bringing an insulated tumbler to preserve frozen drinks. The larger, the better for this hack! With the ability to store multiple drinks, these oversized cups are perfect for keeping beverages fresh and chilled so you can sip on the fruity flavors all day long while soaking up the sun poolside.

Join a hotel loyalty program

For budget-saving tips and tricks on your luxury resort stay, follow @jetset_anna. The travel-savvy influencer's feed chronicles her global travels and is viewed by over 400k followers. In January 2021, the TikToker posted a video of some of her top travel hacks she uses to stay at some of the world's most lavish and elite hotels. She recommends joining a hotel loyalty program to receive discounts and earn points towards rewards and free stays. Both the World Hotel Hyatt Program and 1 Hotel Mission Membership Program are great ways for frequent travelers to build their status and get rewarded for previous trips and qualifying purchases through their partnership brands.

When planning out your dates, the influencer suggests starting your trip on a Sunday when resorts often run specials and discounts on accommodations. According to @jetset_anna, Sunday nights tend to be quieter, with fewer rooms occupied, leading to the potential for complimentary upgrades. Eager for a post-holiday getaway? January is one of the best months of the year to book your stay. With many people settling back into their routines, resort rates tend to drop in an attempt to refill empty suites.