Plan A Trip To This Stunning West Coast Destination For Fun Fall Outdoor Adventures

When we think of fall foliage, destinations in the Midwest or the East Coast are most likely the first to come to mind. Associating the West Coast with rather season-less destinations like LA and Las Vegas, it's easy to forget that this region covers a vast landscape with a wide variety of ecosystems. Some of the most stunning fall colors and varied outdoor recreation opportunities are found in this part of the country — many of which can be enjoyed in central Oregon in the quaint, mountainous town of Bend.

Located beside the Deschutes River and nestled in the eastern uplands of the Cascade Range, Bend, Oregon is considered the headquarters of the breathtaking Deschutes National Forest. A popular destination for outdoor recreation, 8 million people take a trip to visit the area every year. Covered by a lush forest decorated in Aspens, Vine Maples, Western Larches, and evergreens, the fall greets guests with a mosaic of reds, yellows, and oranges. If you're looking for a place to take in the full glory and wonder of fall in the West, Bend is a beautiful place to do it.

Outdoor activities in Bend, Oregon

Throughout the year, Bend, Oregon is a sought-after destination for adventure seekers. While most visitors flock to the area over the summer, you can enjoy the same exciting activities in the fall months. From September to November, you can enjoy cooler temperatures and vibrant views. Not to mention, the town will be more mellow, with less traffic and discounted rates by local businesses.

With the town located just a stone's throw from lakes, lava beds, caves, and plenty of trails, it is a nature lover's oasis. It is the perfect setup for mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, fishing, and more. Hit the Wanoga Trail for mountain biking, hike Paulina Peak, climb Smith Rock, or paddle through Hosmer Lake. If you do, you'll be met with unbeatable views of the fall foliage. However, if you're looking for a more laid-back activity, we recommend you observe the vibrant reds and oranges reflected in Mirror Pond while strolling through the lovely Drake Park.

Fall events you won't want to miss

Not only does Bend have unbelievably beautiful natural features, but, it also has a lively urban neighborhood filled with entertainment, food, and drink. In the fall, the town lights up, hosting a variety of autumnal-themed festivities that you won't want to miss. To kick the season into action, the town hosts annual celebrations like the Bend Fall Festival and Oktoberfest. These late September and early October gatherings boast live music, food stands, and more.

Additionally, if you're interested in arts and culture, the fall is the perfect time for you to take a trip to Bend. Throughout all of October, you'll find creatives putting their innovations on display at the BendFilm Festival, Bend Venture Conference, and Bend Design Conference.

Just before winter brings everybody indoors, November in Bend ends the season with a bang or, should we say, a beer. The month of November is considered the official Bend Ale Trail Month. Home to a plethora of local breweries, the town boasts the largest beer trail in the West. For the month of November, trail-goers can enter to win a prize for completing the boozy route. What better way to end a day of adventure than with a seasonal, locally crafted beverage? In a unique spot like Bend, you can celebrate fall with the best of nature, community, culture, and cuisine.