What To Use Your Dopp Kit For The Next Time You Travel

Packing a bunch of cords and chargers is just part of going out of town these days. We have endless devices — from phones and tablets to laptops, headphones, fitness trackers, and then ... backup chargers. And, of course, each device usually comes with its own set of charging cords. Then, you can't forget packing adaptors for when you plan to travel to countries that require different voltages. It's a lot to keep track of. 

How can you ensure that you not only bring everything that might be needed to your destination, but also manage to pack it all up on the day of your return? If you've done it once, you'll never want to forget your charger in a hotel room again. Is it even possible to avoid a big tangle of chargers in your carry-on? The solution: Packing all of your cords and chargers in a Dopp kit. Let's look at what a Dopp kit is and how using one can make your traveling life so much easier. We'll get your electronics organized and keep you from losing that awesome, extra-long USB-C cord that you've had to replace several times already.

What is a Dopp kit?

You may have heard of a Dopp kit before — it's often used as an interchangeable term for a toiletry bag. (The item was named after Charles Doppelt, a German craftsman who started making them in the early 20th century.) To create an electronic version of a Dopp kit, it's a good idea to find a bag that zips closed and is equipped with many pockets and pouches to keep things organized. Plus, a bag with mesh in the interior can allow you to see what's inside without unzipping each and every pocket. It also wouldn't hurt to keep a bunch of twist ties handy in order to keep your cords neatly wrapped. 

You can even label each section with a piece of scotch tape, or use a color-coded system to keep things straight. For instance, a blue label for laptop chargers, red for phone chargers, yellow for tablet accessories, and so on. If you want to be extra organized, get a pack of tiny colored rubber bands and wrap a color that matches the section around each cord. A few minutes of extra preparation now means more organization (and faster repacking) later. 

What should you have in your Dopp kit?

So what should actually go in your electronics Dopp kit? There are the usual suspects, of course, but so many of us have so many devices that it's worth grouping them. We recommend having one section for all your USB cords and keeping your USB-C in a separate section so you don't have to fuss with searching for the right cords in the middle of the night. 

The next grouping should be headphones and their accompanying charger cords and necessary plugs. Phone accessories should be in their own section. Another section can be dedicated to your fitness tracker, and another for music devices, or tablets. Have yet another section for backup chargers and their charging cords, which can be organized together.

Finally, you can have an international section with the different adaptors you'll need in different countries. We recommend using one adaptor that offers multiple countries' voltages in a single unit to save on space if you travel overseas often. If you have the room, you can even pack a powerstrip to save you from those hotels that only have one or two outlets behind impossible-to-move beds or side tables.