The Best Foods To Try When Visiting Disneyland

Disneyland, often called the "Happiest Place on Earth," is renowned for its enchanting rides, magical experiences, and delectable food offerings. From classic snacks to innovative creations, the culinary delights at Disneyland can make your visit even more memorable. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the best foods to eat in Disneyland, taking you on a culinary journey through the parks. Our selections are based on a combination of factors, including taste, popularity, affordability, and the unique Disney experience they offer.

From savory breakfast options to iconic treats and seasonal delights, the park's food offerings are as diverse and magical as the attractions themselves. We've included items across several categories, not just desserts or snacks. Both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure are together in one guide for convenient reference. 

When planning your next visit to Disneyland, add these must-try foods to your list. Your taste buds will thank you, and so will your wallet. 

Breakfast Chimichanga

The Breakfast Chimichanga is the perfect grab-and-go breakfast item that's sure to fuel your Disney adventures. Filled with eggs, cheese, and your choice of bacon or sausage, it's a savory delight that won't slow you down on your quest for fun. Handheld food is easy to eat, especially if you're trying to maneuver around the crowds to get in line for popular rides like Rise of the Resistance or Space Mountain.

Purchase this deep-fried delight right across from the queue for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. The food stand offering the Breakfast Chimichanga is called Ship to Shore, and it is located in the Frontierland section of Disneyland Park. Because it is a breakfast food, it is only available from the park's opening until 11 a.m. 

If you miss your window of opportunity for breakfast, don't worry. The stand offers other snacks like fruit and roasted corn throughout the day.

Breakfast Ronto Wrap

Another fantastic breakfast option, the Breakfast Ronto Wrap, can be made vegetarian or vegan, catering to various dietary preferences. Its portability makes it an ideal choice for early mornings in the park. Unlike the chimichanga, this breakfast item can get a little messy, so grab several napkins for cleanup or take a seat while eating it if you can. 

Pita bread is the wrapping of choice for this food item. It is filled with scrambled eggs, grilled pork sausage, peppercorn sauce, and shredded cheese. The vegetarian or vegan versions contained plant-based sausage, spicy Kimchi slaw, pickled cucumber, and plant-based Gochujang spread.

Ronto Roasters, where you can find these wraps, is located in Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland. It is considered a quick-service restaurant, so no reservations are required to dine in. Mobile ordering is available at Ronto Roasters, which is a great way to speed up the process and avoid those long Disney food lines.

QuesaBirria Tacos

QuesaBirria Tacos have taken social media by storm, and for good reason. Affordable and bursting with flavor, they are a must-try lunch option that showcases the vibrant culinary culture of Southern California. Cocina Cucamonga in Disney California Adventure is where you can find these tacos and more when you've got an appetite for Mexican food. 

The tacos are made with braised beef and cheese and come with tomatillo salsa and consommé on the side. Consommé is the liquid that is left after cooking the meat for the tacos. It is used as a dip to heighten the flavor of the dish, whether it be tacos, tostadas, or other Mexican dishes.

Cocina Cucamonga is in the newly named and refurbished San Fransokyo Square section of Disney California Adventure. This area was previously called the Pacific Wharf but was re-imagined in 2023 to include references to the fictional city of San Fransokyo from the Disney movie "Big Hero 6."

Turkey Legs

The Turkey Leg is an iconic Disneyland treat, albeit a divisive one. Some swear by its taste and value, as it's large enough to share among several people. Its serving size makes it a budget-friendly choice for hungry parkgoers. However, others have said this particular food is not for them and question its origins. Rumors have abounded over the years that these hunks of meat are not actually made from turkeys, but Disney has dispelled that rumor as false. Disney turkey legs are smoked after being cured in a salt solution, which makes the flavor less turkey-like thus leading to rumors about what they're made of.

Because of their popularity among parkgoers, turkey legs can be found all over Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Edelweiss Snacks, Ship to Shore, and Hot Foods near Central Plaza in Disneyland all sell turkey legs. In Disney California Adventure, Poultry Palace is the place to satisfy your smoked meat craving.

Rancho del Zocalo Restaurant

For Mexican cuisine enthusiasts, Rancho del Zocalo is a paradise. With a diverse menu featuring tacos, enchiladas, and burritos, it's a great spot for sharing a flavorful meal with friends or family. While this entry is not focused on one specific item, choosing a favorite from the Rancho del Zocalo menu can be difficult. The burritos are served with enough meat to share, especially because the entree comes with Mexican rice and refried beans on the side.

Rancho del Zocalo is a quick-service restaurant with plenty of seating indoors and outdoors for guests to enjoy their space. Shade is plentiful in the patio area, so guests can enjoy sitting outside without the glare of the California sun. 

The restaurant can be found in the Frontierland section of Disneyland Park between the Frontierland Shootin' Exposition and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Everything on the menu is less than $15, which makes it one of the more affordable restaurants in the park.

Maurice's Treats

Maurice's Treats offers a variety of tempting snacks, from frozen drinks to baked goods, that have gained popularity on several social media platforms. One of the most popular items is garlic cheesy pretzel bread. Its twisted shape and soft, chewy center lend it to being a comforting, salty snack. In addition to the food offerings, the drinks at Maurice's Treats are popular too. A Boysen Apple Freeze is a frozen drink that tastes like an apple slush. It can be purchased in a regular cup or, for a little more, a souvenir mug.

The wagon that houses these fine foods sits to the left of Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland. It is an unassuming cart right across from the Royal Theater and a princess meet-and-greet area by the castle. The snack stand opens with the park but closes earlier than the park most days. Don't wait too long and miss your opportunity to try these fantastic treats!

Fried Chicken Dinner

Even Southern fried chicken connoisseurs will be impressed by the Fried Chicken Dinner at Plaza Inn. It's a slightly pricier option, but the meal's quality and the ambience of the restaurant make it well worth it. The dinner comes with three pieces of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, a buttermilk biscuit, and seasonal vegetables. How much is all of that, you might ask? Surprisingly, such a hearty meal costs only $19.49 plus tax!

The Plaza Inn restaurant is in Disneyland Park, right off Main Street, U.S.A. As you walk down the street, head to the right once you pass all of the Main Street buildings. The bright pink and white striped umbrellas of Plaza Inn are difficult to miss! 

It is one of the original restaurants that opened with Disneyland in 1955 and was originally named the Red Wagon Inn. Fun fact: Plaza Inn was one of Walt Disney's favorite places to eat in the park.

Dole Whip

No list of Disneyland foods is complete without mentioning the iconic Dole Whip. It's a classic treat beloved by parkgoers. Over the years, it has become available in various flavors and with various toppings. There is even the option to add a splash of alcohol at some locations for those over the age of 21. It is a refreshing, dairy-free treat and a great alternative to ice cream for those with dairy allergies.

Original Dole Whip treats can be purchased at the Tiki Juice Bar and Tropical Hideaway, both of which are located in the Adventureland section of Disneyland. For Dole Whip specialties, Tropical Hideaway offers floats with various flavors for the juice and Dole Whip or swirls that combine any two Dole Whip flavors. 

Outside of the park, Tangaroa Terrace Tropical Bar and Grill at Disneyland Hotel has classic Dole Whip offerings as well as floats or floats with a splash of alcohol on their outdoor patio.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Sometimes, you just need the comforting embrace of a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe perfectly serves up this classic combo and is friendly on your wallet. This "Mary Poppins"-themed quick service spot is located at the end of Main Street, U.S.A., on the left side of Disneyland Park. Everything on the menu is priced at $14.99 or less, which is a win for your theme park food budget.

Patio seating is available outside of Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe and offers mobile ordering for planning ahead convenience. While you're there, enjoy the sweet treats available after you finish that grilled cheese and tomato soup. Croissants, cookies, macaroons, and cinnamon rolls are just some of the delightful indulgences you can pick up on your way out to the rest of the park. Breakfast is served as well if you need another option for eating on the run.

Mickey Beignets

Shaped like Mickey Mouse himself, these seasonal Mickey Beignets are a rare treat. You can only find them at the Mint Julep Bar in Disneyland or at Port Orleans French Quarter in Walt Disney World, making them all the more special. Order several beignets to share, as you may not be able to eat just one. Typically, they are served with regular powdered sugar. Seasonal flavors are available every now and then, including strawberry and pumpkin spice.

Though the mint julep drinks at this location are nonalcoholic, they pair perfectly with the sweet, fluffy goodness of Mickey Beignets. They are served in a container that holds the extra powdered sugar that may fall off when handling. Consider the extra mounds of sweetness bonus powdered sugar you can pile on now or save for later. Ask for a bag if you'd like to take your beignets to go (and save some for breakfast the next day).

Mickey Gingerbread

A seasonal staple for Disneyland regulars, Mickey Gingerbread is a delightful treat that tends to sell out quickly. Its festive flavors capture the spirit of Disney's holiday magic. 

It is, quite literally, gingerbread in the shape of Mickey Mouse. The shaped gingerbread is topped with icing to outline Mickey, including his eyes, ears, and festive scarf. When the holiday season approaches, be alert for the date these little morsels are available for purchase. Snagging one before the holidays are over feels like a victory all its own.

Purchase the coveted Mickey Gingerbread at Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe in Disneyland or in the lobby of Disney's Grand Californian Hotel. The hotel lobby will also have other holiday treats like frosted cookies, cupcakes, and even spiked hot chocolate. Mobile ordering is available at Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe but not at the snack cart in the lobby of the Grand Californian.

Filled Cones

These fun and Instagram-worthy Filled Cones from Cars Land might look like ice cream cones, but they're usually filled with savory items like chili or bacon mac-n-cheese. It's a unique twist on a classic favorite. Cones are made of bread, and the fillings are usually savory. However, the first two traffic cone locations serve churros and ice cream, and the last two serve frozen drinks and flavored popcorn. The only place to get the filled, savory cones is at Cozy Cone Motel 3.

All five Cozy Cone Motels are located in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure. They are lined up next to each other in a semicircle, reminiscent of the Cozy Cone Motel scene in the original "Cars" film. The priciest bread cone creation is typically the seasonal offering. Regular cones cost $9.99, and the seasonal flavor is usually less than $15, making this snack affordable and filling.

Quantum Pretzel

Pym's Test Kitchen, a new restaurant in Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure, offers oversized and shrunken items inspired by the Marvel film "Ant-Man." The Quantum Pretzel is generously sized, fresh, and perfect for sharing. It makes it a fantastic addition to your Disney dining experience. This quick-service location is incredibly popular, so mobile ordering is the best way to skip the long lines at the counter.

The pretzel makes a great snack, but if you're a little hungrier, check out the rest of the menu. Typical entrees like sandwiches or salads come with small or oversized features that are fun to look at and even better to eat. Kids can even assemble their own food if they order the PB&J Flavor Lab meal, which consists of smooth peanut butter, strawberry jelly, and "Pym Particle Bread" that is unassembled when served. Playing with your food at Disney Parks is Ant-Man-approved.

Lobster Nachos

A social media favorite, the Lobster Nachos are a holdover from the now-closed Cove Bar. When Paradise Pier changed over to Pixar Pier, the Cove Bar became Lamplight Lounge. The name is an homage to the white lamp that has become synonymous with the animation studio Pixar. Guests can now enjoy these delectable nachos in both the restaurant and the lounge's Boardwalk Dining patio area, savoring the sea's flavors with every bite.

Reservations are recommended to dine at Lamplight Lounge without a long wait, so you might find it easier to be seated in the Boardwalk Dining area. The ambience is not quite as upscale as the interior, but the food and drink menus are virtually the same. The views provided by the patio space are fantastic, especially if you are seated near the Incredicoaster launch area. Mobile ordering is not available at Lamplight Lounge or its Boardwalk Dining area.

Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums

Craving a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie as big as the palm of your hand? Look no further than Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums. These are no ordinary chocolate chip cookies. They are served warm, which makes the chocolate chips soft and extra indulgent. Named after Jack-Jack, the youngest member of the Parr family from the film "The Incredibles," you can purchase the cookies and milk right next to the Incredicoaster. 

They offer a gluten-free option that's just as delightful and can be paired with milk for the ultimate snack. The IncrediCookie is a gluten-free, shortbread cookie filled with blackberry jam. It costs slightly less than the Jack-Jack Cookie, but it is no less full of flavor. 

Both options are large enough and sweet enough to split with a friend or family member without leaving you feeling slighted by sharing. The cookie cart is considered a quick-service cart but does not accept mobile ordering.