Avoid Long Food Lines At Disney Parks With TikTok's Latest Hack

Disney parks vacations are, unfortunately, not simple trips to plan. Thanks to continually improving technology implemented throughout the domestic parks, Walt Disney World and Disneyland often require planning your family trip well in advance to maximize your visit. Long lines are one of the least favorable aspects of visiting a Disney park, but TikTok has a hack that will work for at least one part of your vacation: sitting down for a meal.

TikTok user @tinkerbail_ shared a video with her best hack for visiting Disneyland in the summer. In the video, she tells viewers they must download the Disneyland app and set up mobile ordering. This pre-planning allows guests to set their food choices for their entire day. She says guests can set their pick-up times for later in the day, and if they change their minds, they can always cancel an advanced order.

How to mobile order at Disney parks

While the TikTok video only mentions the hack for the Disneyland app, the same advice can also be applied to Disney World visitors. The app for Walt Disney World visitors is called the My Disney Experience app. Having recently used both apps for Disney parks vacations, we know the process works similarly at both U.S. Disney parks.

After downloading the app, you will want to tap the plus symbol at the bottom of the screen. A menu will appear with several options, but the mobile order option will say "Order Food." Tap the "Order Food" option to bring up a larger menu containing mobile order locations for all four theme parks at Walt Disney World. The menu also displays Disney hotels and Disney Springs venues with mobile order locations. Once there, you can select to have your order ready as soon as possible or schedule it for later by choosing at the top of the screen. You will need to pay using a credit card, Disney gift card, or your phone's mobile pay option to complete the transaction. If you prefer to pay with cash, you will have to stand in line to place your order and pay at the cashier's stand.

Why you'll want to use this Disney hack ASAP

Readers of the popular website Disney Tourist Blog have complained that a Disney parks vacation involves "too much screen time." From making dining reservations to virtual queues to Park Pass reservations, guests traveling to Disneyland or Disney World spend a lot of time looking at their mobile devices. However, this complaint actually saves time when it comes to ordering food.

Once a mobile order is placed, guests can enjoy their day at the parks or at their hotel until their pick-up window opens. When your pick-up window opens, and you are close to the restaurant according to your phone's location services, the app will alert you to check in by tapping the "I'm Here" button. While waiting for confirmation that your food is ready, you can choose a table or finish a nearby activity instead of standing in line.

What if you need to change or cancel your order? According to planDisney, the official Disney vacation planning advice source, guests can modify or cancel their mobile orders if their plans change. Even though you might be using your screen time to complete this hack, it is worth it to save time while at Disney parks.