Need A Hotel Room For A Few Hours During A Long Layover? This Tool Is For You

Long layovers are a great way to add another city to your vacation plans, but what if you desperately need a shower or bed? This is where Dayuse comes in! Dayuse is an accommodation booking platform designed specifically for travelers who need a place to crash for a few hours, a shower, or a little spa time before the next leg of their trip.

It works very similarly to platforms like and Airbnb, except for a few key differences. When you search for a hotel in your layover city, you'll get a list of options presented to you with a variety of available timeslots. The cost of a room will also be significantly cheaper.

One of the best parts about Dayuse is that you can even search for stays that appeal to the kind of layover you're looking for, whether for business or pleasure. With locations across 19 countries, you can easily find a quick romantic getaway, a hotel for business meetings, or a pool with a view. Keep reading to learn exactly how this platform works and how much it will cost to take a long layover with Dayuse.

Choosing a long layover is a no-brainer with Dayuse

We're so pleased to say that — unlike some platforms — Dayuse's website is incredibly easy to use. No complex user interface here! The platform is not only appealing to the eye, but navigating its search functions is no different than any other website, making it easy to hop on and book a place at the last minute, if necessary.

As for what the actual search and booking process is like, here's what we found. When we looked up Dayuse locations in Madrid — a popular layover city — there were more than 34 options available, including the TäCH Madrid Airport hotel. This hotel offered timeslot options that ranged from three to six hours, such as 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. or 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. This makes it easy for travelers to choose what works best for their itinerary and layover needs, nothing too long or too short.

Once you select your timeslot and room of choice, click reserve, and you'll be taken to a checkout page. Here, you can enter your contact information but, crucially, you do not have to pay for the room until you arrive at the hotel — and you have free cancellation up to the last minute. We think that's pretty dang cool!

Here's how you can save with Dayuse

Considering you'll save some money on your plane ticket with a long layover, we thought it would be interesting to see just how much you can still save by booking with Dayuse. Dayuse claims that stays booked through its platform can be discounted up to 75% compared to nightly rates. To use our TäCH Hotel example again, a 6-hour slot only costs $66. Compare that to the price for a full night's stay, $162, and you'll see that's a hell of a discount and an even greater deal if you're splitting it with someone else.

Of course, you can't leave out the added cost of getting to the layover hotel. This will vary widely depending on the distance from the airport to the hotel and whether you take a taxi, a rideshare, or public transportation. Though, some airport hotels like TäCH do offer free shuttles. If you have some extra time, you can store your bags at the hotel and take a taxi to Madrid's city center. This will cost you around $30 but, while you're out, you can grab a meal or some snacks that cost way less than airport food!

All in all, with Dayuse, we think you can easily save some money when booking a long layover without having to sit around for hours in the same clothes. Not only that, but you could use the extra time to explore a new city, too.