This Popular Indonesian Island Is The Ultimate Foodie Destination You Need To Visit

In Indonesia, the variety of food is just as plentiful as the number of islands. Rich flavors created by colorful ingredients and fragrant herbs and spices bring Indonesian food to life. Traditional dishes like ayam goreng, which is fried chicken made with special seasonings and palm or coconut oil; and gado-gado, which consists of an array of vegetables and proteins like tempeh and tofu covered in a delectable peanut sauce, are a must-try for those visiting the islands. These dishes are only a sneak peak into the world of Indonesian cuisine. For those who travel with food in mind, a trip to Indonesia, especially Bali, might just be a taste of paradise.

Bali is known for its majestic views, lush jungles, and beautiful beaches. It's a popular destination for honeymoons and romantic getaways, as well as thrill seekers looking for adventure. Bali can even be a family-friendly destination. For now, we're focusing on how it's growing traction as a popular spot for its cuisine.

Food tours and cooking classes

If you're eager to get your hands on some of Bali's best foods but don't know where to start, a food tour is a terrific option. You can explore the city streets, learn some history, and interact with locals, all while savoring bites that Bali thrives on. Tours that focus on street food, such as Withlocals' The 10 Tastings of Bali: Street Food, and Bali Bites Food Tour offered by A Chef's Tour, are especially popular. You'll try popular dishes like babi guling, which is essentially roasted pig, and pisang goreng, which is deep-fried banana, as well as get a taste of local culture.

If you're curious about the behind-the-scenes, or if you tried a dish and are determined to learn how to recreate it, sign up for a cooking class. They're a great way to immerse yourself in food culture and learn the significance of Balinese food. You can take a couple of hours out of your day and invest them into learning the craft of cooking Balinese food. Paon Bali Cooking Class offers a morning and afternoon class, Yoga Barn offers a conscious cooking class that essentially integrates mindfulness into the process, and Bali Asli has a half day class that takes you on an adventure to a village and through a rice paddy before you begin the cooking class itself.

Dietary restrictions

If you have food restrictions or dietary preferences, you can still enjoy the bursting flavors of Balinese food. Since tempeh, tofu, fruits, and vegetables are already staples in Balinese cooking, many places can cater to vegan diets, sometimes no adjustments needed. If you want to attend a cooking class without worrying about animal ingredients, check out Kin Vegan Cooking Class.

As far as gluten restrictions, you can find plenty of options as well. Cafes and restaurants in the cities often have a gluten-free menu, and plenty of the traditional dishes are made with rice. However, it's still important to be cautious especially if you have a more severe intolerance such as celiac disease since not all restaurants are concerned about cross-contamination.

Bali, Indonesia can send your taste buds on an adventure. Indulge yourself with local food and immerse yourself in the culture as you embark on your food tourism experience.