Samantha Brown's Tips To Stay Comfy While Flying Economy

If it feels like seats in the economy section of planes are getting smaller, it's because, in many cases, they are. Seat width and legroom have been slowly disappearing for decades now. We're crammed in like sardines, uncomfortable, and probably carrying too much stuff with us to avoid extra fees for checked baggage. It can be very hard to find a good position, let alone enjoy the economy flight, for many people. 

The longer we're in the air, the harder it gets. That being said, there are things you can do to make a flight in a small economy seat easier to take and, dare we say it, even pleasant. Samantha Brown laid out a few tips in a CNN TikTok that will have you leaving your flight a lot happier than you might have otherwise. They include solutions for temperature, what to avoid eating, and a pair of fresh socks. 

How to be comfortable in economy

First and foremost, Samantha Brown suggests turning on the air vent right away. While you may fear it will make you more likely to get sick, that's not the case. The air onboard a plane is consistently recycled from top to bottom, and the vent above your head keeps it moving. Brown adds that since this can make you chilly, she always wears the correct clothing, which means layering regardless of the weather outside. 

The Travel Channel star always has a hat and a large scarf to hand, which can double as a blanket. Many domestic flights either don't have blankets or charge you extra for them, so having one that can double as an accessory is really helpful. Brown even brings fresh socks (we recommend changing into them somewhere it won't bother your neighbors, like in the restroom). Compression socks are a great option to prevent any swelling from the change in air pressure. 

She also suggests avoiding salty snacks on the plane because they can cause bloating. The pressure change puffs up your tummy, and adding salty or heavy foods isn't going to help matters. Carbonated beverages can make you gassy as well so Brown recommends bringing your own snacks. Likewise, the TV personality uses a rose-scented facial spray to elevate her immediate surroundings, though we'd skip it since many people have allergies, so maybe try an unscented one for hydration, like Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Adaptogens, and Coconut Water, instead.