Plan A Fall Trip To This East Coast Beach Town To Avoid Big Crowds

Visiting a beach in the fall may seem unusual to some. Typically, this time of year is associated with activities like wandering around pumpkin patches, apple picking, and road trips to see foliage, rather than seeking out sandy shores and rolling waves. However, fall can actually be a splendid time to go to the beach — especially if you want to avoid big crowds. One beach in particular, Emerald Isle Beach in Emerald Isle, offers a pristine North Carolina beach setting for a fun fall experience. It's definitely worth a visit, and you might even decide that fall is the best time to explore North Carolina.

Although this beach town may be small, it is far from boring. There are plenty of things to do, ranging from water activities like kayaking and paddleboarding to window shopping at local stores. Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or someone looking for a touch of luxury, this destination has something for everyone in the family.

Indoor and outdoor activities

If you prefer a relaxed day, you can lounge at the beach or spend time in the water. However, if you want to do more or if the weather is too chilly, there are other options available around Emerald Isle. 

For history enthusiasts willing to take a short drive, the North Carolina Maritime Museum is worth a visit. This museum showcases artifacts from the state's maritime history. Alternatively, if you prefer indoor activities or are not particularly interested in history, the North Carolina Aquarium might be a better choice. You can explore the aquarium's interior and observe the underwater world of aquatic life. Additionally, the aquarium offers various fall activities that allow you to spend time outside, discovering the natural habitat of different creatures.

If you prefer outdoor activities, you can visit the Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier to enjoy the scenic views or try your luck at fishing by bringing a fishing rod. Another option is to take advantage of the trails in the area and spend your day walking or biking.

What to try and what to expect

The food scene in Emerald Isle, North Carolina is fantastic, especially if you're a fan of fresh seafood. Caribsea is the top-rated restaurant on TripAdvisor. If you take a glance at its menu, you'll understand why. If Caribsea is out of your price range or you prefer something more casual, Fish Hut Grill is another highly-rated option on TripAdvisor.

Since it's fall, you might be concerned about the temperatures. While it won't be as hot as the summer months, it's still relatively warm. The average daytime temperature ranges from 70°F to 84°F. However, it can get cooler at night, dropping down into the 50s after sunset, so it's a good idea to bring a jacket or sweatshirt.

When you visit Emerald Isle, North Carolina in the fall, you can enjoy nature, the ocean, delicious food, and more. It's the perfect escape from your daily routine and a fun and unique way to spend a couple of autumn days.