Ride Some Of The Best Waves Off The Coast Of Australia At This Beautiful Island

Surfing is a sport that's long captivated those who love to get out on the water. For many surfing enthusiasts, finding the very best destinations around the globe to catch amazing waves makes all the difference.

Whether you're new to the sport or you're already surfing at a professional level, it's worth your while to plan a surf-focused getaway to Australia's Phillip Island at some point in time. According to Visit Phillip Island, this surf mecca welcomed 2.1 million visitors in 2022, and at no more than a 90-minute drive from Melbourne, it's a top destination on the map for those looking to ride incredible waves.

Phillip Island offers guests access to nearly 63 square miles of outdoor fun and exploration. It was also named a National Surfing Reserve back in March 2013 due to its pristine environment and breaks. This designation made it the very first of its kind in all of Victoria.

Top surf areas on the island

When your Australia adventure includes time on Phillip Island to surf, you'll be thrilled with the options to choose from in the area. The National Surfing Reserve is made up of four impressive breaks for adventurers to explore, including Smiths Beach, Cape Woolamai, Cat Bay, and Summerlands. Beyond these areas, Express Point and Point Leo are also great places to catch incredible waves.

At Express Point, you'll typically be faced with heavy swells popular with the local surfing community. These waves originate from the southern ocean and drop off onto shallow ledges, giving them plenty of energy on exposed break points. The skill required to maneuver this type of force makes Express Point a place best enjoyed by experienced surfers.

Heading over to Cape Woolamai, you'll find more variety in beach breaks. This stretch of beach is defined by a shallow rock reef topped with sand that's paired with ever-changing winds and currents. This makes it another top spot suitable for experienced surfers.

Cat Bay is extra appealing to surfers who are looking for big swells. These roll in thanks to the area's left and right-hand reef breaks. Right Point and Flynn's Reef are two of the most popular.

For a mellow surfing experience, start things off at Smiths Beach. The waves here are gentle and consistent, which makes it great for those who are new to surfing. It's also a hub for local surf schools to set up shop.

Exciting surf options by season

Whether you're making your way to Phillip Island as an excursion to add to your trip to Melbourne, or you're coming exclusively for surfing fun, there are thrills on the water to enjoy year-round. June through August is Australia's winter season and a great time for surf enthusiasts who are looking to enjoy fewer crowds across Phillip Island. Lower water temperatures pair with bigger swells this time of year, offering wave seekers a tantalizing combination.

Spring travelers who come to Phillip Island between September and November will enjoy warmer water temperatures but more inconsistent and unpredictable swell angles to deal with. This can be fun if you're someone who is up for a challenge. Fall is March through May in Australia and, much like spring, comes with changing weather patterns that make swells varied at best.

Summer surf season is marked as December through February and sees plenty of holiday travelers coming to Phillip Island to learn surfing for the first time. It's great for newcomers as it's a season of considerably fewer ground swells. If you find yourself among those excited to learn to surf on Phillip Island, be sure to partner up with the professionals at Island Surfboards Surf School. They've been serving the area since 1969 and offer both group and private lessons that come with all the gear and instruction you'll need to have confidence out on the waves.