The Best Method For Packing A Bulky Sweatshirt In Your Suitcase

Whether you're committed to traveling with just one carry-on bag or using a big suitcase, luggage space is always limited. If your usual strategy is to haphazardly cram as much in as possible, you may want to consider folding your clothes instead. That way, you can organize everything more effectively, save space, and reduce unwanted wrinkles. T-shirts and other lightweight items might be easy to fold, but thicker sweatshirts can be trickier. Thankfully, there's a foolproof folding method that'll help you turn even the biggest sweatshirt into a neat, easy-to-pack square. 

All you need are your travel-ready hoodies. Take one at a time and lay it flat, facing down. Take one sleeve and fold it straight across the sweatshirt. Repeat on the other side, folding the second sleeve so it lines up with the first sleeve. Grab the left edge of the sweatshirt and fold it in a few inches, forming an even line from the hood to the hem. 

Then, make the same fold on the right side. If folded correctly, your sweatshirt should form a long rectangle. From there, take the bottom and fold it up twice, until the body meets the hood. Flip the hood back, then stretch it over the rest of the folded sweatshirt to keep everything in place. Voilà! Your bulky top is now easy to stow away in your luggage.

Other ways to pack bulky clothes more effectively

The sweatshirt-folding hack went viral on TikTok when CTV Your Morning posted a clip demonstrating how to do it. The final product, as seen in the above video, is a compact cube that could even double as a travel pillow. There are other ways to pack bulky sweatshirts too, particularly if yours doesn't have a hood. Though the KonMari Method of folding clothes was created to help reduce household clutter, it works just as well when packing a suitcase. 

For long-sleeved sweatshirts without a hood, lay the item flat with the front facing up. Fold one side over about one-third of the way, then fold the sleeve to fit within the folded section. Repeat on the other side, creating a rectangle. Fold in half lengthwise twice so your sweatshirt resembles a stackable burrito. Finish by standing the sweatshirts in your suitcase so they're easy to fit and visible at a glance.

No matter how you fold your clothes, remember to use packing cubes. Large cubes can keep your sweatshirts folded and tidy in your luggage. Finally, don't forget the easiest hack of all: Wear your bulky clothes on the plane. This simple trick can save you a lot of space in your suitcase — and help you beat frigid temperatures in the air.