Hotel Bathroom Hacks You Need To Know Before Your Next Trip

Traveling can be a wonderful experience. However, even a fancy hotel can feel a bit sterile and make you miss the comforts of home. This can be particularly true in the bathroom where you don't have access to the things you're used to.

Taking advantage of a variety of hotel hacks can often help you make your hotel room feel more like home, specifically when it comes to the bathroom. We'll reveal some great ways to make your shower or bath feel like a spa day and show you how to dry your hair faster (because those hotel dryers are about as powerful as someone waving a paper fan at you). We've also got tips for cooling drinks, effectively keeping your toothbrush off the bathroom counter, and getting the wrinkles out of your clothing, even when your hotel room doesn't have an iron.

Hacking your hotel bathroom

After a long day of sightseeing or business meetings, a bath can be just what you need. One thing you can try is bringing some lavender oil to put in your tub (a few drops will do). You can also sprinkle a few drops on the wall of the shower for a fragrant steam. While you're soaking or steaming, get some music going on your phone and place the phone in a coffee cup. That will act like a speaker and amplify the sound. If you happen to like a few cold drinks while you bathe, fill the sink with ice from the ice machine as a makeshift cooler larger than the room's ice bucket. While you're getting the room all steamy, hang up any wrinkled clothing in the shower to loosen creases. If the fabric is safe to get damp, you can even give the garment a little water spritz with your fingers to help out. 

Want to keep your toothbrush off of the counter? Don't throw out that Tic Tac box after you finish the candy. You can use it to cover the head of the toothbrush to keep it free of germs. Finally, if you have longer hair, it's worth packing a microfiber towel to wrap up in, because hotel towels can often be small. Plus, it can reduce drying time.