This Popular New Jersey Amusement Park Is Home To The Fastest Roller Coaster In America

While New Jersey's boardwalk's Casino Pier has a few thrill rides, those who prefer intense roller coasters are better off visiting Six Flags Great Adventure. Located in Jackson, New Jersey, the theme park boasts 14 roller coasters – but the crown jewel is undoubtedly Kingda Ka, the tallest coaster in the world. Unveiled in 2005 and considered the best extreme roller coaster in the state, Kinda Ka reaches 128 miles per hour with an elevation of 456 feet.

This makes it the fastest coaster in the country. Kingda Ka was actually the fastest roller coaster in the world until 2010, when the Formula Rossa coaster opened in Abu Dhabi's Ferarri World. With that said, Kingda Ka features an inversed U-shaped structure that resembles a rocket.

Once passengers are seated and strapped in, they can expect to go 0 to 128 miles per hour in less than four seconds to reach the top. An extreme spiraling drop comes next, then a slope, before swiftly coming to an end. The ride is quick and lasts 50 seconds. However, the fun at Six Flags Great Adventures doesn't have to begin or end with Kingda Ka.

Six Flags Great Adventure's fastest coasters

Kingda Ka is so extreme that one TikTok user, @therealjessiejames1, posted a video of herself passing out as the coaster soared to the top. If you or your little one want to ride Kingda Ka, you must be at least 54 inches tall. However, you might want to sit this one out if you're over 6 feet. According to the Courier Post, a local 6-foot-2 doctor claimed he injured his neck and spine on the ride due to his height. He sued Six Flags Great Adventure in 2019.

Nevertheless, there are other high-speed coasters that will blow your mind. The second fastest roller coaster at the Six Flags Great Adventure is Nitro. The three-minute coaster reaches 80 miles per hour and includes several hills, twits, and drops, with the first drop being 215 feet.

The third fastest is El Toro, a 70-mile-per-hour wooden rollercoaster (seen above in a TikTok posted by user @redhotpoodle). El Toro is not your typical rickety wood coaster. It has sharp turns and drops to keep guests on the edge, literally and figuratively.

Although it is not a coaster, the Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom deserves an honorable mention. This ride is located near Kingda Ka and takes guests 415 feet into the air before dropping them at 90 miles per hour. Want to experience these for yourself? At the time of this publication, a one-day ticket for Six Flags Great Adventure starts at $43.