Use One Clever Garden Item To Stay Clean At The Beach

A day at the beach just isn't the same without a plentiful supply of snacks, but some of the most fun and tasty morsels also tend to be pretty messy. Sure, you can survive the day on dry nibbles like trail mix, chips, and popcorn, but what about the real treats you are craving? Whether you're licking away at a rapidly melting popsicle, enjoying a refreshing slice of watermelon, or chowing down on a saucy hot dog from a beachfront takeaway stand, it's hard not to end up with something sticky on your hands. If young kids are also involved, the problem intensifies — they have a habit of getting food everywhere!

Needless to say, frozen desserts, fruit juices, and condiments are like magnets for sand and prove irresistible to the local fly population. And then fumbling around for wet wipes can be tricky with sticky hands. Rinsing off in the ocean isn't always the easiest or environmentally-conscious solution either, especially with little children who need a quick clean-up. Luckily, there is a clever trick to save the day involving an unlikely garden item: the humble flag stand.

A flag stand makes a handy paper towel dispenser

Many American families have a flag stand or two in the garage or garden shed. It is a common sight to see them on lawns flying the American flag or other banners. Even though flag stands are so commonplace, they might not be something you'd think to include on your packing list when preparing for a family day at the beach.

However, as Tiktoker @travel_with_jen3 ingeniously demonstrates in her video, a flag stand can be repurposed as a makeshift holder for a roll of paper towels in your beach camp. Obviously, we're not talking about the giant flagpoles you sometimes see, but rather the little ones designed to carry a mini-flag. Simply sink the pole into the sand, load up the roll, and presto! You have an easy way to wipe those mucky hands and fingers. Now you can dig into your favorite messy snacks without worrying about how to clean up afterwards. 

Next time you head to the beach, have a rummage for your flag stands. They hardly take up any room in the car, and this hack makes staying clean at the beach so much easier. If you don't own one already, they can be picked up online or in stores for a few dollars.