What We Know About Disney World's Newest Moana Attraction Coming Soon To EPCOT

After years of watching the movie and playing the soundtrack on repeat, finally, the time has come to dive headfirst into the world of Moana at Disney World's EPCOT theme park! Recently announced at Disney World's Destination D23 convention, Moana's Journey of Water will open to the public on October 16, 2023. Moana will also begin hanging out at World Nature to meet with fans and take lots of photos. We're sure she'll be just as inspiring in person as she is on the big screen.

This attraction has been a long time coming ever since the release of the movie back in 2016. After its incredible success and the rousing reception from Disney fans all over the world, it just makes sense that Disney would create a live experience for visitors to enjoy and immerse themselves in the world of Moana. If you're curious about what to expect when you visit this incredible new attraction, keep on reading.

Journey of Water is all about nature

As you might have noticed, there are tons of subtle ecocentric themes throughout Moana. These range from regenerative agriculture (using all the parts of the coconut) to marine conservation. Unsurprisingly, the Journey of Water attraction — in addition to just being a ton of fun for kids — also teaches visitors all about water conservation.

The Journey of Water uses a self-guided outdoor trail to take visitors through an educational journey about the global water cycle. As you walk along, you'll enjoy beautiful rock sculptures and greenery but also learn about each stage of the water cycle while interacting with some fun water features.

To make this educational journey fun for all ages, the Imagineers have really gone above and beyond. You can run your hands through strings of water to play a "water harp," send a jet of water into the air by hopping on a pad, and even walk through a curtain of water that parts as you approach it. The attraction also has dry paths for those who might not want to get wet. Finally, there is a beautiful "life-size" Te Fiti sculpture that towers over a pond halfway through the experience. We think this is a fantastic way to teach kids (and adults, too) about how water is all connected and the importance of water conservation.

What to know before you visit

As we mentioned, this is an entirely outdoor experience with a ton of water features. So, dress accordingly and plan on getting wet. Seeing as EPCOT is located in Florida, it's prudent to wear a hat, regularly reapply your sunscreen, and possibly bring a change of clothes, just in case. 

If you're visiting soon after the attraction first opens in mid-October, be mindful that it will be extremely popular for the first few weeks or months. Lots of locals and influencers may be around checking out the Journey of Water, and it could be quite crowded. You might be better off waiting until February or March when the novelty has worn off and before the rainy season hits in May. That said, there are also perks to getting rained on at Disney World

On the other hand, if you're a Disney Vacation Club Member or Annual Passholder, you could visit the attraction before it officially opens. There are two date ranges when you can make a reservation — September 24-29 and October 1-4. However, if attending before the attraction officially opens to the public, be aware that Disney may still be working out the attraction's kinks, and some areas may not be fully functioning just yet.