The Clever Hack To Help You Stay Hydrated On Your Next Road Trip

When you're on the road for long stretches of time, it's so important to stay hydrated, especially if you're traveling solo. Sure, you can get a case of bottled water at the gas station, but it can be really difficult to reach the backseat to wrench a bottle from the plastic case while driving. One of the great things about traveling with others is their ability to open bottles and snacks for you, but if you're solo, it can be a delicate and dangerous dance to open a water bottle with one hand on the steering wheel! Luckily, TikTok has an idea (they always do!) to solve this solo road trip dilemma, and we are living for it. 

User @hikinghacks has an incredible TikTok where she shows us how to easily stay hydrated during long solo road trips which involves getting yourself a plastic water bladder, and ingeniously implementing the passenger seat headrest along with it. You may never have considered heading to the sporting goods store to shell out the money for a water bladder, but knowing that it holds way more H20 than a bottle of water (as much as three liters of water, versus only 500 mls in a plastic water bottle), this will quickly turn into your go-to road trip item for staying hydrated. 

String up your water bladder for all-day hydration while driving

TikTok user @hikinghacks shared with her over 64,000 followers this road trip hydration hack that is pure genius. She takes a plastic water bladder that comes with a long tube. She then extends the height of her passenger seat headrest, hooking the water bladder to it to keep it in place and the water in position so it doesn't spill. Then, sitting in the driver's seat, we see her behind the steering wheel, sucking on the water through the mouth tube. No need to use her hands, reach into the backseat, and possibly be distracted as she drives. She then gives us the thumbs up, and honestly, we give this hack two thumbs up, as well.

This a great way to have hands-free hydration when travelling solo, and it's totally necessary too if you're drinking your cup of Joe on the road. Professor Stavros Kavouras, who directs the Hydration Science Lab at Arizona State University, warns that often on road trips, people consume caffeine to stay awake, neglecting their water consumption and causing dehydration. "If you have multiple coffees and potentially some caffeinated beverages, then you might end up consuming a large amount of caffeine, which could lead to a diuretic effect," the Professor told SheKnows. So if you want to try this water bladder hack, GearLab offers a list of the five best water bladders of 2023.