This Indonesian National Park Is A Must-Visit For Tourists Interested In Nature

Indonesia is made up of thousands of islands large and small. While the island of Bali is likely Indonesia's most well-known vacation destination, there is much more to see throughout the country. Away from the densely populated islands of Jakarta and Sumatra, and even away from Bali, is Komodo National Park. The park is located between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores and encompasses three major islands — Rinca, Padar, and Komodo — as well as several smaller surrounding islands. Its intrigue was enough to get it added to UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Programme in 1977.

If the word Komodo rings a bell, it is likely because of the famous Komodo dragon. These massive lizards are unique to Komodo island and Komodo National Park and have existed on earth as far back as 4 million years. They are the largest species of lizard in the world, reaching lengths of 10 feet. Imposing appearance aside, Komodo dragons are venomous. But do not let their presence deter you from visiting Komodo National Park. The park should still be on the bucket list of any nature lover due to much more than these ancient lizards.

Komodo National Park's diverse ecosystem is home to incredible wildlife

Komodo National Park combines dry cliffsides, clear blue water with coral, white sand beaches, savanna, forests, and even pink beaches. The nearly desert-like aspects make the park an anomaly as most of Indonesia is tropical. Its uniqueness and multitude of ecosystems all in one location makes it appealing for scientists and tourists alike. Other than Komodo dragons, the park is home to macaques, cockatoos, and dozens of other animal species. The incredible wildlife of Komodo National Park extends into the ocean as well. Visitors can go scuba diving to spot manta rays at multiple dive sites throughout the islands that make up the national park.

Tour companies like Indonesia Flores Tour and Hello Flores can help get you to Komodo National Park by boat from Labuan Bajo on the neighboring island of Flores. Indonesia Flores Tour offers trips that leave from Bali as well. However, when visiting Komodo National Park, keep in mind that many of the animals living on the islands and in the surrounding ocean are endangered or at risk, including Komodo dragons and manta rays. Tourism management remains a priority for the Indonesian government as they work to make sure that Komodo National Park serves not only tourists, but the animals that live there as well.