Check Out The Remarkable Views At New York's Highest Peak (And It Isn't A Skyscraper)

Many associate New York with massive skyscrapers, but you might be surprised to know that New York's highest point isn't down in the Big Apple. Instead, to get to the top of New York state, you will quite literally have to go to the top of New York state. A little under 300 miles north of New York City, close to both the Vermont and Canadian borders, is a town called Keene, New York. Keene is home to Mount Marcy, the highest point in New York state.

Naturally a draw for hikers, Mount Marcy offers much more than those who enjoy the adrenaline rush of climbing peaks. Located near the picturesque town of Lake Placid, Mount Marcy and its surrounding areas have much to offer for all types of travelers. Whether it's for a family-friendly getaway, an adventure with your dog, a solo trip, or a romantic outing with your partner, Mount Marcy is a fantastic destination to enjoy some of New York state's most stunning beauty.

What to know about hiking Mount Marcy

At an elevation of 5,344 feet, Mount Marcy is the tallest mountain in New York state, so you can expect a pretty good hike ahead of you if you plan to tackle it. Mount Marcy is surrounded by the serene Adirondack Mountains, making for scenic viewing year-round. However, the best hiking conditions are in the summer and the fall. An extra perk of hiking in the fall is taking in the impeccable foliage that the Adirondacks are gifted with each year. Note that spring and fall can bring wet conditions, making the already challenging hike more difficult. Winter is not recommended unless you have the right gear and are an incredibly experienced hiker.

Mount Marcy is generally considered a challenging hike. The hike can get incredibly steep and slippery with rocks, and the trek includes several water crossings. The most common trail is the Van Hoevenberg Trail. In total, it takes around seven to eight hours to hike Mount Marcy, but many travelers decide to camp overnight to break up the hike due to its difficulty. 

You'll want to equip yourself with good hiking shoes, an ample supply of water, and some non-perishable snacks — you might also want to have some hard candy with you on your hike in case your mouth gets dry. 

Nearby towns well worth exploring

After your strenuous hike, you can head for another challenging hike at Roaring Brook Falls, located in nearby Keene Valley. For an easier but equally picturesque hike, head to nearby Beaver Meadow Falls. If you're tired from hiking and want to kick back and relax, check out one of the nearby towns. Luckily, Mount Marcy is located close to several charming destinations that are well worth exploring.

Burlington, Vermont is under 50 miles away from Keene, and is not only a quaint city but also home to plenty of breweries. One of the most popular things to do in Burlington is to embark on a signature guided brewery tour. Hey, you deserve it after that long hike.

Lake Placid is another town that's nearby and well worth a visit. Often regarded as one of the most beautiful destinations in New York state, as soon as you arrive at Lake Placid, you will quickly understand why it has gained such a reputation. As one of the best lake towns in the USA, Lake Placid is home to the Lake Placid Olympic Museum and chic accommodations like Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa.