Keep Your Hotel Room Curtains Shut With This Simple Hack

Most of us have been there at some point during our travels. You check in to your hotel and drift off to sleep, only to be woken by a beam of sunlight pouring through the curtains, which don't close completely. Thankfully, there's a simple hack you can use for this. When packing, toss a chip clip into your suitcase, which you can use to clip the curtains closed. Simply pull the curtains together so that there's no gap visible between them and use the chip clip to secure them in place.

If you don't have a chip clip with you, there are alternatives you can try. One Reddit user suggests keeping a binder clip in your travel bag which will do the trick just as well. You could also try using a clothespin to clip the two curtains together or even a safety pin (although you'll want to be careful not to damage the curtains if you choose the latter option). Alternatively, have a look in your hotel closet to see if there are any clothes hangers with clips on them. Many Reddit users swear by this hotel hack, using the two clips that you would usually attach to your pants or skirt to pin the two edges of the curtains shut.

Other chip clip travel hacks

The mighty chip clip has other uses when traveling, aside from helping you sleep well in a hotel. The clip can be used to keep all your important documents together. Use the clip to secure all your vital travel documents in one place, such as your passport, ID card, and boarding pass or train ticket.

You could also use a chip clip to organize your wires, such as headphones, phone chargers, and laptop chargers. Prevent your wires becoming tangled in your bag when traveling by wrapping them together and securing the wires in place with the clip. Chip clips can also be useful when doing impromptu laundry during your travels. Use the clips to hang up swimsuits, towels, and anything else you need to hang out to dry on your balcony or in your hotel room.