How To Use Uber With Multiple Stops

Whether while traveling or at home, you've likely used the rideshare app Uber to get to and from the airport. To help ensure seamless rides, Uber has a feature that allows you to add multiple stops to your trip (via Uber). The number of additional stops may vary depending on where you are so make sure to check your app.

This feature is useful in many cases, such as if your group has several people going to different places or if you're picking up friends on the way to the same destination. Even if you're traveling solo, this feature proves handy if you have errands to run along the way, for example picking up a cake en route to a friend's birthday celebration. No matter the reason for multiple stops, this Uber feature saves you the trouble and time of requesting and waiting for a new ride when you need to make a pit stop.

How to add multiple stops

You can add multiple stops when you're requesting the ride. Just click the "+" beside the address fields and a new field will appear. Your route is determined by the order you input the additional stops. If something comes up during the ride, don't worry because you can add stops while the ride is in progress as well. Adding a stop during a ride is similar to when you do it while requesting. You click the "+" on the screen with your route status and enter the address(es). The app will alert your driver that a stop has been added. While stops need to officially be added through the app, it doesn't hurt to also give your driver a head's up that you need to add a stop or two.

During the stops, it's good etiquette to try to keep each under three minutes. If you think you'll take a few minutes longer at a stop, let your driver know approximately how long you'll be to prevent them from leaving after waiting over three minutes. This also helps your driver decide if they need to move somewhere else to park while they wait for you.

How does Uber charge for multiple stops?

While making multiple stops can add to your convenience, it will also add to the cost of your ride. For each extra stop, your fare will automatically be adjusted based on a variety of factors such as distance, time, and demand. In addition, for stops longer than three minutes, you could also be charged for additional fees. The good news is that Uber has another feature that allows you to split fares evenly between passengers. There's $0.25 fee for each person when you split the fare. Uber also notes on their site that fares are split for the cost of the entire ride, rather than the cost of each stop.

Apart from UberX Share, which allows you to save on costs by sharing your ride with another person heading in the same direction, the multiple stops feature is available no matter what type of ride you request (Uber Pet, Uber XL, Uber Green, Comfort, or Premier). Lastly, while Uber is available in many cities, make sure to double-check whether adding additional stops is available where you are.