Take A Break From City Life And Visit This Charming Mexican Town

The country of Mexico is a beautiful, culturally rich, and dynamic destination that millions of tourists choose to visit each year. Many adventurers are drawn to bustling city centers filled with color, flavor, and opportunities to explore stunning architecture and landmarks. Top contenders on the map like Guadalajara and Puebla are rich locales for history buffs to travel to, as well.

If your visit happens to take you to Mexico City, you'll find yourself immersed in a destination that hosts more than 12 million residents according to World Population Review. While the energy here is certainly high, an extended visit can also leave you looking to relax and unwind at some point. Between hours strolling through the Palacio Nacional and visits to the Museo Jumex where you'll browse massive art collections, a little downtime can go a long way.

When you reach the point where you feel like you need a break from city life, it's time to set your sights on the charming Mexican town of Valle de Bravo. Located just over 47 miles from Mexico City, Valle de Bravo is a small, inviting lakeside town dotted with surrounding forested terrain. Defined by quaint paved streets and red tile roof homes, this locale sets a decidedly relaxed scene compared to its bustling capital neighbor.

A place where nature sets a tranquil scene

Where Mexico City hosts masses of people, Valley de Bravo offers a tranquil retreat. City Population puts the resident count here at just over 61,000. While it's a town built on tourism, it manages to remain a place where guests can disconnect from city life.

A slower pace of living is encouraged and quiet luxury is emphasized, too. Visitors can choose to rent forest cottages during their stay that bring the mountain town's beauty into scenic focus. A trip this way can easily take you off the beaten path to find yourself immersed in natural wonder while still enjoying easy access to modern amenities.

Time in the great outdoors is a way of life in Valle de Bravo. Lago Avándaro, the town's main lake, acts as a center focal point of activity for locals and visitors alike. Here, it's just as easy to spend time kayaking on calm waters as it is to add water skiing or stops at floating restaurants to your to-do list. Around the lake, travelers will find an inviting collection of boutique shops and unique galleries to browse.

If observing wildlife is what you find inspiring, you're going to want to make sure to plan your Valle de Bravo trip for wintertime. This is when millions of migrating monarch butterflies finally make their way into Valle de Bravo. They're drawn to the forested sanctuary surroundings of Piedra Herrada following an annual path that begins in Canada.

Activities that elevate the refreshing fun

For some, a vacation state of mind is best achieved from a bird's eye view. If that's you, you'll want to note that this destination is popular for paragliding adventures. Cerro de la Cruz is a top starting point in the area thanks to its location at just over 8,200 feet above sea level.

When you're back on the ground, you can enjoy golf on gorgeous courses, and afternoons filled with mountain biking or horseback riding tours through the forest to fill your free time. Art lovers will enjoy browsing the Joaquin Arcadio Pagaza Cultural Center. Situated within an 18th-century building, this center hosts revolving art exhibits alongside its permanent collection designed to inspire.

If you're craving time in the fresh air, Valle de Bravo is packed with scenic hiking trails to traverse during your stay. The trail leading to the observation point in town known as Mirador La Peña is a particularly popular route to explore. Covering a little over a mile of terrain, this trail takes just over 30 minutes to complete, is dog-friendly, and comes with the reward of stunning views at the top.

Whether you fill your days with lakeside fun, hit the skies by paraglider, or relax while hiking, customizing your tranquil retreat is encouraged. Far from the hustle of big city life, Valle de Bravo puts a focus on finding time to savor the moment with space to do exactly that. It's one worth adding to your must-visit list.