One Thing You Should Research Before Heading To Your Destination To Stay Safe During Your Travels

With every passing day, it's entirely possible that you're turning into a unique yet all-too-similar version of your parents. It might start with wearing layers and bringing a jacket in case the restaurant is cold. Then, your purse starts to magically become stocked with anything and everything you might need for the day. In the final stages, you start researching the crime rates for your upcoming travels. Yup, it's happened: You are your parents — a seemingly inevitable genetic syndrome that science has yet to crack.

But you know what? Though we kind of hate to say this, sometimes parents are right. It's not such a terrible idea to keep tabs on what's happening at your travel destination. It might just prevent you from walking blindly into a dangerous situation, saving you some major headaches and keeping you safe while traveling. Thankfully, there are several ways to research the level of crime at your particular destination.

Solid resources for staying up to date on local crime

While researching crime rates in the country you're visiting, it's helpful to try to get all the details about your destination while you're planning your vacation. The very basic first step is, of course, to use Google and read a few articles about current and ongoing events in the country. Also, consider checking the news for any recent stories about staying safe at a particular location. 

If you're American, you can sign up for the U.S. State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). This is a free government advisory system that can alert you about any potential safety risks or ongoing issues at your travel destination including social, civil, or natural events. Once you're enrolled, the confirmation page will detail the current status of U.S. relations with the local government and you will receive emails or texts with safety updates.

Your next best resources are Facebook groups related to travel at your destination. Most of these groups will be fairly active unless it's a particularly obscure destination. If you can't find a relevant or active group, try to post in Facebook groups related to your type of travel to ask about safety at that destination. You're bound to find at least a few people who have relevant information to share.