The Simple Trick For Helping Kids Sleep While Traveling

Traveling with kids can be an amazing opportunity to show them the world outside their home is big, beautiful, and unique. It can also be difficult, and sometimes a downright pain, to enjoy traveling with kids because change of any kind can be difficult. One of the best ways for everyone to enjoy traveling with young children is to get a good night's rest. Sleep might already be difficult at home, and it can feel impossible to achieve on a trip.

However, Pampers has compiled some of their best tips for helping little ones achieve that all-important overnight rest. Pack bedding from home for use in their new sleeping space if possible. Whether it's a hotel crib or a portable crib from home, it is probably not what they are used to. Bringing a piece of home that feels or smells familiar can give kids a sense of comfort and safety in an unfamiliar place.

Familiarity brings peace to kids

Children are more like adults than we think, even as infants. Unfamiliar situations take some time to get used to. Parenting experts say that patience is important when it comes to giving kids time to adjust to a new routine or sleeping situation. It is also important to keep their bedtime routine as similar as possible. That may not be as easy if you have crossed several time zones, but continuing routines as closely as possible may help signal to the child that it is time for bed.

Comforting age-appropriate items, such as a blanket or stuffed animal, may also help sleep come more naturally. While consistency is helpful for kids, going with the flow on vacation is also okay. It may not be practical for a child to always sleep in a crib or a bed for a nap. Allowing naps in strollers or car seats is okay because it is a unique circumstance and not the norm for your family. 

Set up the room for sleep success

Not only are routines and familiar items important, but the room your child sleeps in can also affect their rest. If you share a hotel room with a young child, find a way to divide the room or block their line of sight at bedtime. Seeing other people in their room if they normally sleep alone makes staying awake more tempting than usual. Using a noise-canceling device, like a sound machine with white noise, may also help children settle down for sleep.

Finally, the less light in the room, the better the chances are that everyone will enjoy restful sleep. Hotel room window treatments don't always do a great job of blocking light, but we can thank TikTok for sharing the chip clip hack with us. If you didn't pack a chip clip, don't worry. Clothes hanger clips from the hotel closet can also work in a pinch. Adults and kids alike will enjoy a dark, quiet room, and everyone will benefit from a good night's sleep.