Repurpose This Office Staple To Give Your Tablet Extra Protection In Your Suitcase

Packing electronics deep within suitcases can be risky. You don't want your expensive device to get crushed or take the chance of it being thrown around in your bag. A creative way to protect your tablet is repurposing a standard office staple into a protective covering. Simple padded mailer envelopes are sure to do the trick. Using these envelopes as an extra layer of protection for your tablet is a clever idea, especially if they are waterproof. This can help safeguard your electronics during transportation or when you're carrying them around. Just make sure that the mailer envelope fits your tablet properly and that the padding is sufficient to prevent any damage.

This hack is super easy and convenient because attaining mailers is simple. You can get padded mailer envelopes at a department store or post office for cheap and easily add that layer of protection to your fragile items. With this, you ensure safe travels for both you and your electronics.

Proper Protection

Ensuring a proper fit is crucial when using a padded mailer envelope or any type of protective cover for your tablet. A proper fit helps to maintain a high level of protection. First, ensure that the padded mailer envelope fits your tablet snugly. You don't want the tablet to move around within the envelope, as this could cause friction and potential damage. Use additional padding, if necessary, to prevent movement within the envelope.

Next, when placing your tablet inside the envelope, make sure it is centered properly. This will help distribute any pressure evenly and reduce the risk of uneven stress on the tablet's screen or body. 

Lastly, if the envelope has a closure mechanism (such as a self-sealing adhesive strip), ensure it's securely sealed. This prevents the tablet from accidentally slipping out during transportation. 

Overall, repurposing a padded mailer envelope as a quick and convenient protective layer can be a smart solution, especially if you find yourself without a dedicated tablet case or cover. It's a resourceful way to add an extra level of safeguarding without investing in a specialized accessory.

Extra caution, extra care

Having a protective cover or case will best ensure the safety of your devices; but when you need protection in a pinch, a padded mailer will do just the trick. When packing electronics in a suitcase, it is good to always err on the side of caution. An exploded shampoo bottle can ruin technology, and you would hate to open your bag to trashed merchandise. Some mailers are waterproof, so keeping electronics inside of these will make them extra secure and give you more relief. Because who doesn't love waterproof luggage?

Moreover, utilizing a padded mailer can also help against scratches. However, it is important to make sure that the inside of the envelope is well-maintained to act as a safeguard for the tablet (like removing any small, loose items that might be inside the envelope). When repurposing an everyday item, it's satisfying to discover an unexpected utility of preserving your electronics during travel.