The Chapstick Tube Hack For Saving Space When Packing Toiletries

With TSA liquid restrictions, we're all about travel hacks that allow us to bring the toiletries we need without oversized liquids, gels, and aerosols getting confiscated. In fact, there are a few tips and tricks to be mindful of in order to get through airport security without being flagged by the TSA. On top of that, we want to pack a suitcase so that it fits as a carry-on, rather than checking baggage and getting hit with fees or facing the potential of losing our bags.

While prepping for a trip can be monumental in many ways, packing is its own art. That's why we're so grateful when other veteran travelers share their hacks and tips to make sure everything passes security. There's an unexpected travel essential that makes packing makeup a breeze. But it's not just makeup that we're concerned about. There are some ingenious ways to pack certain essentials, like deodorant, using an empty chapstick tube.

Melt down deodorant and pour it in a chapstick tube

If you forgot to save your last empty chapstick tube, no need to fret. You can order empty chapstick tubes online that you can fill on your own, and they're very affordable. Or, if your next trip is a ways away, try to remember to hang on to any empty chapstick tubes going forward. For this particular hack, use the chapstick tube to carry deodorant in a smaller form, since deodorant tubes can really take up a lot of space in a tiny toiletry bag. Cut off a smaller piece of your solid deodorant, and melt it in the microwave. Then pour the liquid deodorant into the empty chapstick container and let it set.

Even when you're not traveling, this hack works well when you've reached the end of your solid deodorant stick but still have some left in the case. Instead of throwing out the last bit, hold onto your nearly empty tubes of hard-to-reach deodorant. When you have enough to fill a chapstick tube, scrape out the remainder, microwave, and fill up your chapstick tube. This works if you need to keep a deodorant in your purse or backpack for day-to-day use as well.

Other clever ways to use an empty chapstick tube while traveling

If you've ordered several empty chapstick tubes but only need one tube of compact deodorant, don't worry. Those extra tubes can serve several other ingenious purposes for travel. If your chapstick tubes have stems inside of them, use pliers to remove the tube. Then, you can use the empty chapstick tube as a small container for pills you may need for a few days of travel.

Chapstick tubes can also be a great stowaway for more valuable items, too. This works best if your empty chapstick tube still has a brand sticker on the outside as opposed to a clear tube so that the inner contents remain hidden. Roll up bills into a tube and slide them into the chapstick container if you want to discreetly stash some cash. An empty tube can also be a great way to store passwords or other private details that you want to keep hidden. Simply roll up the paper into a tube shape and slide it into the chapstick container to create a secret compartment. Of course, you want to be mindful of where you store the chapstick tube since it can easily fall out of one's pocket. Keep the tube in a secure location, like a zipped backpack pocket if it contains more valuable items.