The Trick To Finding A More Private Spot On A Crowded Beach

We're right in the thick of the summer beach season. While that can mean a whole lot of fun on the sand and in the surf, it also means that you're probably not the only one who decided to hit the shore over the holiday weekend. If you live near a popular beach spot, you're probably going to be dealing with big crowds, which is never fun. It's even worse if you spent a whole lot of money to travel to your beach destination. With historic heat waves breaking records all over the world this year, it's more likely to be true now than it ever was in the past. 

While it's great to be around people again (if your comfort level allows it), especially outside, a crowded beach comes with its own annoyances. Lots of kids kicking up sand, loud radios no matter what the posted signs say, drunken revelers, and maybe even dangerous flying umbrellas that came loose from their moorings. Luckily there is a beach hack from One Chel of an Adventure that can help you find a good spot that doesn't have you penned in by other humans. 

Find your private happy place

While this hack isn't going to guarantee a private beach for you and your group, it can help you find a more secluded patch of sand. The hack suggests this for beaches with one or only a couple of entrances. The idea is to try walking upwind of everyone else. The tip hinges on the idea that you'll have more privacy if you walk upwind (and, presumably, away from other beachgoers) to find the ideal spot. That certainly does make sense. When you're looking around, carrying all your beach accessories, likely with the wind blowing your hair into your eyes, it would be easiest to have that wind at your back, sort of pushing you along to where you're going. 

If you can resist that (try braiding your hair back, wearing a hat with a chin strap, or using a headband) pull ... or rather, push ... and go in the opposite direction, you're likely to find more of a clear spot. Could you just look around for a free space to occupy? Sure, but depending on the angle you're at, you might miss that one empty patch. It's definitely worth a shot!