Keep Your Beach Snacks Sand-Free With This Genius TikTok Hack

It has happened to all of us. You've booked your dream vacation to a hot, exotic location where there will be tons of sun, sand, and surf, but once you arrive at your secret beach spot in your new bathing suit, you bring out your beach snacks only for them to be covered in sand. Suddenly, your sandwich has become a "sand"-wich, and you're furiously trying to brush grains off your hands, your food, and from in-between your teeth. The struggle is real.

There are some ways you can try to plan ahead to prevent a food sandstorm. You could pack snacks that come in wrappers, like granola bars, so your sandy fingers never actually touch your food. Or you could get the same effect by wrapping your sandwiches in parchment paper, aluminium foil, or cling film. There are lots of fruits, like oranges, grapefruits, watermelon, and bananas, whose peel or rind will protect the fruit from your sandy hands. But nothing seems to be fool-proof, or in this case, sand-proof! Enter stage right: TikTok, which has come up with an incredible hack to make sure the sand doesn't get in your food. It involves a quick trip to Ikea, grabbing two very cheap items, and creating your own sand-free food tray.

Make your own elevated food platter for the beach

If you want your chips, dip, veggie sticks, and hummus to stay sand-free during a trip to the beach, TikTok user @daniellehulme has shared a genius DIY hack to make your own sand-free food tray. In her popular video that has over 291,000 likes, we see her visit Ikea to buy a simple plastic cheese tray. She then purchases one solar plastic stake light, removes the light, and sticks the cheese tray to the stake using a hot glue gun. Now, she has a food tray on a stick, that we see her drive into the sand to hold up her hummus and carrot sticks. Not only is this DIY hack sand-free, it's also a #moneysaver!

If for whatever reason, the beach is particularly windy and sand still blows into your new food tray, TikTok is here yet again with the solution! User @lauren.clutter shared a viral video to her over 1.3 million followers showing her easily removing sand from skin using baby powder. Travel blogger Aracely from Daytripping Mom confirms that baby powder is helpful when you need to clear sand from anything. "...  bring out your little bottle of baby powder, shake a generous amount on hands and then be ready to easily shake [off] the sand off any hands," she explains.