Keep Wasps Away From Your Campsite With This Hack

Besides mosquitoes, wasps are probably our least favorite uninvited campsite guests. Not only are wasps aggressive about swarming around yummy food, but they can sting and cause pain, swelling, and itching. This can really ruin a fun weekend outdoors. The good news is that there's a surprisingly effective tool to get them to leave your campsite, and you may already have one laying around if you have pets. Flea collars, which you can find in almost any pet store or order online, are one of your best bets against wasps. Believe it or not, these little pest-repelling necklaces are not only great at repelling fleas and ticks, but the chemicals in the collars have a strong scent that repels wasps, too.

You can cut the collars up and either place them around the perimeter of your campsite or inside your camper cabinets to keep the wasps away. Of course, it's important to remember that flea collars are designed for pets, so if you do decide to use one around your campsite, make sure to keep an eye on the kids to prevent them from playing with the pieces.

Other ways to keep wasps from ruining a good time

If you're not enthused about the idea of using flea collars to prevent wasps, we get it. While they are super effective at keeping harmful pests off our favorite furry family members, they can actually be quite bad for the kiddos, who we can't always keep from touching or licking things they shouldn't. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to keep wasps away from your camp.

One of the most straightforward methods is turning off your propane when not using it. Funnily enough, wasps are actually attracted to the scent of propane — which smells sweet to them — and will swarm around your camp in search of it. Another way to repel wasps is by using natural repellents, such as mint or citronella. Bring either a candle with these scents or in their herb form to throw in your fire to keep wasps away.

Then there's also the power of cleanliness. Not only is cleaning up a respectful thing to do at a campsite, but cleaning up your food immediately after eating is a good way to keep wasps from hanging around. Promptly disposing of food waste and sealing food items in airtight containers is a simple but effective strategy to keep wasps away during your camping adventure.