The Genius Diaper Hack For Protecting Your Valuables At The Beach

It can be hard to enjoy time at the beach when you feel like you can't leave your personal items unattended for a dip in the water. This holds true whether it's a crowded beach or a more secluded one. While there are multiple options for beach bags, these can still often be targets for thieves — and it's not exactly the lifeguard's duty to look after your stuff when they're meant to keep their eye on the surf. However, just as there are clever ways to hide valuables in one's own home, there are sneaky ways to do it at the beach too.

A genius way to keep items like your wallet, cell phone, or car keys hidden while at the beach comes from an unlikely — and a bit gross — source. If the point is to make it look like you don't have any desirable items, try hiding them in a diaper. After all, who would steal a seemingly dirty diaper?

Protect valuables from thieves and from the elements

Bringing young children to the beach means bringing supplies like snacks, toys, and definitely diapers. Wrapping your valuables in an unassuming diaper deters possible thieves and puts your mind at ease for maximum beach relaxation. If shady onlookers observe that there are no children with you, but a wrapped up diaper is near your beach towel, they might be suspicious of what the diaper's purpose is. However, they are unlikely to take their chances and steal what could still be a rather gross item. From a distance, a diaper looks like ordinary trash as well. Just don't mix up the diaper containing your valuables with your actual trash!

Diapers can also protect your things from the elements. The sticky adhesives can help keep out the sand that can oh so easily embed itself into even the toughest of phone cases. The padding can even keep items from breaking. There are different size options too if you need to conceal multiple items. Oh, and biodegradable or not, remember not to leave diapers or any trash on the beach!