The Genius Hack For Sleeping On A Plane Without An Eye Mask

If you're surviving a long-haul flight, inevitably you will be left with the often insurmountable task of falling asleep in your cramped economy seat where you can't stretch out, lie flat, or block out the light. If you're one of those people who have trouble sleeping on a red-eye, you already know that the struggle is real. 

Family nurse and spokesperson for Better Sleep Council Ellen Wermter told The Washington Post that if you anticipate not actually falling asleep on a plane, then focus on getting rest. "If you sleep, great. If you don't, you're still getting benefits from closing your eyes and getting quiet time." And one of the best ways to get that much-needed rest is to bring along an eye mask. Wermter says, "A sleep mask will help you go into a zone of 'I'm ready to rest now.'"

The science agrees. A study of 122 participants investigating the relation between sleep and light found that "wearing an eye mask during sleep is an effective, economical, and non-invasive behavior that could benefit cognitive function and lead to measurable impacts on everyday life," (via Science Alert). But what happens if — horror of horrors —  you forget to pack your fave eye mask in the mad rush to get to the airport on time? One airline passenger was spotted recently with an incredible DIY face mask hack, and honestly, we are low-key obsessed with this ingenious hoodie/sunglasses eye-mask idea. 

One passenger made a hoodie/sunglasses eye mask

It would appear that one creative passenger on a Jetstar flight in Australia found themselves in the conundrum of needing sleep but lacking an eye mask because as DMarge reported, the passenger was seen by others as using the sleeve of their hoodie and a pair of sunglasses to make a DIY eye mask that worked perfectly. In the photo supplied to the outlet, we see the passenger took their hoodie sleeve, made of thick material, and slung it across their eyes. Then, to keep the sleeve in place, they placed their sunglasses over the sleeve with the stems resting comfortably behind the ears. Voila, instant eye mask, and we bet that the combo of the thick hoodie material and dark sunglasses worked flawlessly to block out the light without skimping on comfort.

We can see this hack being applied to any items you have in your TSA-approved carry-on bag. If you don't have a hoodie sleeve, try using a thick sock! If you don't have sunglasses, try using a headband or even your shoelaces! As long as you think outside the box, no mask should equal no problem.

Luckily, there are still many airlines that offer you a complimentary comfort kit when you board containing an eye mask, warm socks, and small toiletries. Barring that, you could probably pick up a last-minute eye mask in the airport shopping area. But the lesson here is clear: Eye masks are non-negotiable!